How To Open A Dental Office
How To Open A Dental Office
The #1 Resource for Practical Tips on Opening Your New Dental Office. Start-up Practices and Renovation Projects can be Smooth, Easy and Fun with the Right Knowledge. Discover The Best Tools and Connect with Others Who have Successful Knowledge.

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No Back Pain – AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR the REAL Den 30% Dentists are forced into retirement from “back pain”. The good news is you can avoid this terrible reality and pain.Now, the Dentist from American Ninja Warrior will...  Read More
Clickto subscribe now.Don’t miss a future episode. Answers: The FUTURE for Private Practice Ownership How can you prepare for the future in private practice ownership?Today, you’re going to hear wisdom from Dr. Howard Farran, the...  Read More
SECRETS from a REAL ESTATE Broker Specializing in Real estate risks, dangers and complexities for dentists are worse than you think. Will you buy or lease space? With either one, “price” is MUCH less important than you...  Read More
How to FIX past-due-balances…without losing patien It’s a surprise when you find out that “good” patient isn’t such a “good” payer.Dentists all over the country deal with this reality. Your...  Read More
Top 2 Priorities ALL DENTISTS….In Practice Ownersh What do successful practices owners focus on most?With the hundreds of responsibilities on the shoulders of practice owners, its imperative you know which topics are the most...  Read More
LESSON: how to create the BEST FRONT DESK staff…le When your front desk is at its best, your practice can care for patients in amazing ways. One of the biggest dangers for practice owners is under-valuing the front desk. Those few...  Read More
One Easy Tool For A BETTER Patient Experience Your patients already trust you as a dentistBut…What else are they looking for from you?In today’s episode Jayme shares a story on how you can give your patients the BEST patient...  Read More
How NEW SCIENCE integrates MEDICAL and DENTAL care “Emerging science confirms that chronic low-grade infections in the mouth elevates systemic inflammation and has an impact on all body systems… these numerous mouth-body and...  Read More
Learn the RANGE of YOUR Potential…warning: prepare How do you want to be remembered?Does your business support your life plans? In today’s episode Jayme shares 2 inspiring stories:· Learn how the Life Extender bring...  Read More
Behind Your Back…What Your Patients are REALLY Say Patients ARE talking about youBut…what exactly are they saying?There are only 2 ways to know what patients are saying about you.Option 1: big their phonesOption 2: listen to...  Read More
3D Printing – the SHOCKING shift that’s hitting De Which ONE topic will reshape dentistry more than any other in the next 10 years?Listen to this week’s interview…you’ll be shocked by what you hear. The tidal...  Read More
No Broke Patients Get uncomfortable.You’re about to hear some truths you may not like about patients and money.Patients and their ability to pay is a very sensitive topic that must be addressed. In today’s episode, Jayme shares...  Read More
5 Pictures to Transform Your Practice AND Patient What if practice growth was as simple as taking 5 pictures?It can be. Listen this week to how 5 simple pictures can…- Improve your Hygiene recall system- Increase practice...  Read More
Earn an EXTRA $150,000 Per Year just by having the Floor Plans can give you a choice: A choice to save $30,000.00 in construction costs OR The chance to produce an extra $150,000 per year In today’s podcast you will hear...  Read More
How to KEEP MORE PROFITS with the SAME PRODUCTION… What if every dentist could have higher income…on the same levels of production?Today’s expert Jared Thompson, founder of Doctors Personal CFO, has worked with dentists...  Read More
Dental Leases: 2 that Could KILL your Practice – l Specific clauses in real estate leases can KILL dental practices.Learn today how to protect your practice value and avoid losing hundreds of thousands of dollars through Jayme’s...  Read More
Reputation Management Online reviews CAN help you…or they can RUIN you. And, as a dentist, your new-patient flow will be directly linked to your online reputation. Which will you choose: Get reviews that help, or have them ruin...  Read More
[Case Study] “Decathalon Dentist” grows $500k ANNU Private-practice inspiration can impact you for the rest of your career. Are you ready for major inspiration? - grew his practice $500k PER YEAR…from a startup- ...  Read More
How to HIRE the best STAFF – the proven step by s If you have ever…...wondered if you should expand... wanted to advance clinically sooner…considered adding an associate…or if you ARE an associate and want to be...  Read More
How to HIRE the best STAFF – the proven step by s What would you do if you KNEW your next hire would be perfect?How would you feel about hiring new staff?With great staff, dentists can FULLY enjoy practice ownership. Today’s...  Read More
How To Be THE ONLY In-Network Provider In Your Area
How To Be THE ONLY In-Network Provider In Your Are “If you want to have no competition become a category of one” Seth GodinWhat if your practice was recognized as The Only In-Network provider for specific companies in your...  Read More
How to get the RIGHT DENTAL CONSTRUCTION results…b How is dental construction done right…with predictable results?Stories of cost-overruns and massive delays are heard all the time. There are ways to get incredible results in...  Read More
STAFFING TOOL – 1 to Upgrade your ENTIRE Career What motivatesemployeesto beTHEIRbest?Of all the tools for staff management, there is 1 that gives you the most insight. Today, you’ll hear how to use the EXACT tool Jayme uses and...  Read More
Dental practice relocations can be theBESTthing you do in the next stage of your career.Lower rent.More new patients.Better facility.Modern equipment.They can all be had in a dental practice relocation when its done right.Butif you get itwrong, you’ll spend the next decade working your way...  Read More
3 Tips for ANGRY PATIENT Management Have you Ever had a patient who made you feel…· Trapped· Insulted· Personally AttackedOn today’s episode, Jayme exposes his entire painful story from a client trapping,...  Read More
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