Star Wars School of Dentistry
Star Wars School of Dentistry
A podcast dedicated to improved oral health in the Star Wars galaxy!

#7 - Rancor and Friends
There are some creatures loose in the Star Wars School of Dentistry so it seemed like a good time to discuss the importance of good oral hygiene for our pets. Whether you have a dog, cat, Acklay, or something else, their oral hygiene is important to their overall health.  Whether you are a Star...  Read More
#6 - Luke Skywalker
  #6 - Luke Skywalker Luke Skywalker went from farmboy to Jedi Knight to legend, but did all of his successes lead him to expect perfection from himself? Join Ryder Waldron to examine how perfectionism affects dentists and may have also led to Luke Skywalker's exile on Ahch-To. Whether you are a...  Read More
#5 - Yoda
Master Yoda can definitely feel the Force on Dagobah, and he can also feel the plaque building up on his teeth. How is a Jedi Master supposed to get toothbrushes on Dagobah when no civilization exists? On Episode #5, we will discuss Yoda's options with just the resources that exist on Dagobah. ...  Read More
#4 - Twi'leks
#4 The waiting room at the Star Wars School of Dentistry is filled with Twi'leks. Twi'leks present to the clinic with a variety of dental needs and many will be discussed. Many Twi'leks have filed down their anterior teeth, so what are the treatment options and risks with teeth in this condition?...  Read More
#3 - Darth Maul
  #3 - Darth Maul The Star Wars School of Dentistry welcomes Darth Maul on episode #3. Darth Maul's oral hygiene is definitely less than half as good as it should be, so what is his diagnosis, what is the treatment needed, and what risks may be associated with continued lack of oral health care?...  Read More
#2 - Peli Motto
  #2 - Peli Motto Peli Motto is next on the clinic schedule at the Star Wars School of Dentistry. Peli lost a tooth due to trauma, but what is the actual diagnosis, what are her treatment options, and what kind of patient would Peli Motto be? Join Ryder Waldron to discuss a new fan favorite in the...  Read More
#1-Emperor Palpatine
  #1 Welcome to the Star Wars School of Dentistry! The mission at SWSoD is to improve the oral health in the Star Wars galaxy, educate the galactic citizens, and mentor dental Padawans along the way.  Our first patient at the Star Wars School of Dentistry is Emperor Palpatine. Join your host, Ryder...  Read More
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