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Dentistry Rising is for and about dentists and dentistry. Dentistry may be changing rapidly - but it's also getting better in ways never thought possible. I want to provide you with inspiration, info, & motivation to have the best practice possible.
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The Emperor Has No Clothes with Dr. Lane Ochi
  In this Episode of the Dentistry Rising Podcast, I'm joined by Dr. Lane Ochi.  You will probably recognize him since he is active on Dentaltown.  Lane is funny and practical, and his office is where many want to be (although with the pickiest of patients)- Beverly Hills, CA!   Dr. Lane...  Read More
In this Dentistry Rising Podcast Episode, California Dental Attorney Amy Borden, Esq. talks me about new contract clauses she is writing and seeing in transition contracts, and what you might want to consider doing if your business insurance is not paying.   Amy Borden, Esq.  WHAT IS...  Read More

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