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Employee Purchase Options
Employee Purchase Options What’s the saddest phone call we get? Probably the one from the guy who just spent 3 years working under a promise to buy into the practice and then SURPRISE! The practice has been sold to corporate dental. In this episode, we discuss what you need to do in order to...  Read More
TV Lawyers
Why isn’t your lawyer as dramatic as Lt. Daniel Kaffee, and why isn’t the negotiation of your employment agreement as contentious as an episode of Law & Order? In this episode, we explain the key differences between the types of cases that feature on TV, and the types of lawyers that handle dental...  Read More
Lease Length Matters
Are you getting ripped off by signing a 10-year lease? Are you taking on unnecessary risks by taking on such a long lease term? Is your broker pushing you into a long lease only because it benefits him? In this episode, Joe explores the factors that influence lease term, and why what you’ve read on...  Read More
Skin In The Game
Conventional wisdom says that if you give an associate some “skin in the game” via partial ownership, that associate will be more invested in the success of the office. In this episode Joe challenges this conventional wisdom. He discusses when it may work, and when it may not, and the headaches...  Read More
That Second Office
Why are so many satellite offices for sale out there? What went wrong? And, how do you know when you’re ready to make the jump to another office? In this episode Joe walks through his observations of where so many practice owners go wrong when trying to expand, and how to avoid the same pitfalls. ...  Read More
The Final COVID
In this episode, Joe explores a few lingering issues resulting from COVID, like whether to claim COVID on insurance, what happens if you run out of PPE, and if your employer can renegotiate your contract. The Final COVID   Read More
Lessons Learned Part 1
Joe shares valuable business lessons the firm has learned over the years providing service for dental practices. Part one of two Lessons Learned Part 1   Read More
Local Vs. Dental Specific Vendors
Keep it local? Joe discusses using dental-specific vendors versus local vendors for your practice needs. Local Vs. Dental Specific Vendors   Read More
Dental Insurancers
Joe explains why using dental-specific Insurancers for your practice may give you an edge while protecting your practice. Dental Insurancers   Read More
Dental Bankers
Joe keeps it positive by explaining why using dental-specific bankers for your practice loans may make life a lot easier. Dental Bankers   Read More
Dental CPAs
Joe keeps it positive by explaining why using a dental-specific CPA for your practice may make life easier. Dental CPAs   Read More
Dental Real Estate Brokers
Joe keeps it positive by explaining why using a dental-specific real estate broker for your practice may decrease headaches and improve success. Dental Real Estate Brokers   Read More
Dental Contractors
Joe tries to keep it positive by describing why using a dental-specific builder for your office buildout may decrease headaches and improve success. Dental Contractors   Read More
With the COVID-19 Stimulus package being signed into law yesterday, there are a few things you should know that may help your practice in these times. COVID-19 Part 4   Read More
COVID-19 Part 2
Joe shares more info regarding employment/ unemployment advice for your practice. Warning: with the rapidly changing environment of the COVID-19 Pandemic some advice can be out of date due to new laws currently being passed. COVID-19 Part 2   Read More
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