Trisha E. O’Hehir, RDH, MS

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Editorial Director, Hygienetown Magazine
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Step 6: Periodontal Risk Assessment: Examples of Available Programs
Dentaltown - November 2014
Concrete examples of program structure and protocols.
Perio Program Feature: Creating a Perio Program for your Practice
Dentaltown - April 2014
This month is the beginning of a six-part series on how to start a perio program in the practice where you work. Check out Step 1: Do the Research.
In This Section: Implications of Ankyloglossia
Dentaltown - March 2014
Profile in Oral Health: Understanding the Caries Process
Dentaltown - February 2014
Trisha O’Hehir talks about enamel caries vs. dentin caries.
Profile in Oral Health: How Subgingival Air Polishing Will Turn Dental Hygiene Upside Down
Dentaltown - January 2014
An interview with Dr. Thomas Flemmig, professor in the department of periodontics at the University of Washington.
In This Section: Polishing
Dentaltown - January 2014
In This Issue: Dry Brush Inside Bottom Teeth First
Dentaltown - November 2013
In This Section: Oral Cancer
Dentaltown - October 2013
In This Issue: The Value of Saliva Testing
Dentaltown - August 2013
In This Issue: Dental Hygiene Diagnosis
Dentaltown - July 2013
Profile in Oral Health: The RDH’s Approach to Periodontal Therapy: Past, Present and Future
Dentaltown - April 2013
Trisha O’Hehir looks at the changes in the education and treatment of periodontal disease.
In This Section: Preparing for the Future
Dentaltown - April 2013
In This Section: Zeroing in on Xerostomia
Dentaltown - March 2013
In This Section
Dentaltown - February 2013
Implants Are Growing in Popularity
Dental Hygiene Time Management for the New Year
Dentaltown - January 2013
Make some changes this year regarding performing perio treatment on patients. Trisha O’Hehir presents how to be more efficient and thorough.
In This Section
Dentaltown - January 2013
New Year’s Resolution: Stay on Schedule!
In This Section
Dentaltown - November 2012
Garbage In, Garbage Out
In This Section
Dentaltown - October 2012
Risk Assessment
In This Issue
Dentaltown - September 2012
Unblocking the Nose
Mouth Vs. Nasal Breathing
Dentaltown - September 2012
In This Issue
Dentaltown - August 2012
A Child’s First Dental Visit Should Occur Before Birth
CE: Xylitol: The Good Sugar
Dentaltown - August 2012
Hygienetown Editorial Director Trisha E. O’Hehir, RDH, teaches how the natural sugar xylitol provides oral health benefits.
In This Issue
Dentaltown - July 2012
New Probing Approach
In This Issue
Dentaltown - June 2012
Sales and Marketing
Profile in Oral Health
Dentaltown - June 2012
Communicating with Sound Bites
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