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Henry Schein Launches Dentrix Marketplace Online Store

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New Web site for dentists to purchase and download certified, integrated solutions, upgrades and other products that leverage Dentrix G5 capabilities
Posted: November 28, 2012
MELVILLE, N.Y., November 28, 2012 - Henry Schein, Inc. (NASDAQ: HSIC), the world's largest provider of health care products and services to office-based dental, medical and animal health practitioners, announced today the launch of Dentrix MarketPlace (, an online store for integrated solutions, apps and other products for the Dentrix® G5 platform. 

The new online store sells Dentrix G5-connected versions of a growing number of applications that integrate with Dentrix G5 by accessing its database or adding new features.  Introduced earlier this year, Dentrix G5 includes a new database architecture that not only improves performance, but also allows Dentrix to become an "open platform," enabling other dental applications and technology to link directly to Dentrix.  

"Dentrix G5 is the first practice management system for the dental market to become a software platform for running other integrated applications," said Kevin Bunker, President and General Manager of Henry Schein Practice Solutions. "Dentrix MarketPlace, while in its infancy, will soon become a valuable source for finding a wide range of Dentrix G5-connected applications that will share Dentrix data and improve team efficiency."

Modeled after the Apple Store, Dentrix MarketPlace will sell apps, as well as books and training services that improve practice management for Dentrix dentists.

"Dozens of developers are already participating in the Dentrix Developer Program, which provides tools to develop and certify products that integrate with Dentrix G5," said Steve Roberts, Director of Product Management of Henry Schein Practice Solutions.  "Dentrix MarketPlace is the final element in this program.  Developers now have a large, one-stop shop to deliver their integrated apps directly to the growing base of Dentrix G5 users."

In addition to searching for apps in Dentrix MarketPlace, Dentrix users can identify the apps certified to work with Dentrix G5 by a new "Dentrix G5 Connected" logo vendors place on their advertising, trade show signs, packaging, and other marketing materials. "The "Dentrix G5 Connected" logo also lets Dentrix G5 users know they can trust these apps to operate properly with their current and future versions of Dentrix," said Michael Allsop, Director of Marketing, Henry Schein Practice Solutions.

"The Dentrix Developer Program allows complementary technology providers to develop integrated products for the Dentrix G5 platform with confidence,"  said Katy Nierman, President & COO, Nierman Practice Management.  "Certifying DentalWriter Diagnostic Report Writing and Medical Billing Software through the Dentrix G5 Connected Program was quick and seamless, assuring Nierman Practice Management that DentalWriter will maintain integration with Dentrix G5, even with future upgrades. With the Dentrix Marketplace, practices have a central location to access all of these products and solutions in a safe, convenient online experience."

"Transparent Aluminum, LLC is busily programming reports, lists, and diagnostic tools to make dental office data more transparent and help Dentrix dental practices better utilize their data. Dentrix MarketPlace will enable us to reach out to the Dentrix dentists and allow an easy interface for them to learn about and acquire our software integration," said Caleb Anderson, Transparent Aluminum LLC.

Developers interested in selling Dentrix G5-integrated apps in Dentrix MarketPlace must first become a member of Dentrix Developer Program.  For more information about the Dentrix Developer Program and selling on Dentrix MarketPlace visit

To shop at Dentrix MarketPlace, visit to

For more information please call 1-800-DENTRIX.  (1-800-336-8749).

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