by Drs. Allen Ali Nasseh and Anne Lauren Koch
Drs. Allen Ali Nasseh and Anne Lauren Koch review their protocol for endodontic treatment of difficult molar cases, illustrated by a case with a severely curved mesial buccal root on a maxillary molar.
January 2021
With our monthly poll you can see how other practices operate, what works, what doesn’t and how dentistry is evolving. The information we gather each month helps us measure trends in the profession. Take a look at this month’s topic and results on endodontics.
January 2021
by Dr. Reid Pullen
In the first installment of a two-part series, endodontist Dr. Reid Pullen discusses why he's decided to go back to treating patients using warm vertical obturation, instead of single-cone obturation.
November 2019
by Dr. Reid Pullen
Townie endodontist Dr. Reid Pullen shares a patient case that demonstrates using warm vertical obturation as a root canal technique.
February 2020
by Arselia Gales, assistant editor, Dentaltown magazine
We photographed this Townie endodontist on the final day that California dentists were allowed to see non-emergency patients in their practices because of COVID-19 concerns, and the U.S. Army veteran explains how he went from hating endo to specializing in it.
June 2020
by Dr. Kevin Axx
Dr. Kevin Axx discusses a new device his endodontic practice uses for root canal treatments and what he sees as the benefits, limitations and considerations for its use and purchase.
July 2020
A Townie looks for pointers on finding elusive canals.
November 2018
A future dental school graduate wonders how his fellow Townies schedule patients who need endo work, a buildup and a crown. His peers share their preferred techniques for efficient appointments and treatment.
September 2018
by Dr. Sonia Chopra
Townie endodontist Dr. Sonia Chopra shares the top five reasons she believes it’s well worth a dental professional’s effort to add cone beam technology (and invest the time it takes to learn it).
August 2018
by Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan
Endodontist Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan recently changed sealer brands after 40 years and shares why this was beneficial in his practice.
November 2018
by Dr. David Landwehr
Cyclic fatigue resistance testing and endodontic file functionality, and the four traits of an “ideal” file
February 2019
by Dr. Thomas Giacobbi
Dr. Thomas Giacobbi, Dentaltown’s editorial director, recently referred his friend to an endodontist and the subsequent treatment was far from perfect. How do you communicate expectations when referring patients, and friends, to a specialist?
June 2019
by Drs. Judy McIntyre and Nikhil Mallick
Drs. Judy McIntyre and Nikhil Mallick discuss regenerative endodontics and the need to reconsider what’s considered a “successful treatment” in some cases related to traumatic injury of pediatric patients.
August 2019
One doctor wonders whether it’s possible to reduce pain after a pulpectomy/pulpotomy because of limited time to complete a root-canal treatment, and hundreds of Townies jump in to share their thoughts.
November 2019
by Emily Miller-Lehr
Hygienist Emily Miller-Lehr gives you and your team tips on how to avoid fumbling this all-important step in the patient experience.
September 2016
A persistent PARL and endo referral make one Townie wonder how his peers would proceed.
February 2018
The votes are in—the ballots are counted! See which products, services and equipment won the top spots for 2017.
December 2017
by Kyle Patton
We tour the Honolulu practice of Townie Dr. Adam Inaba, a third-generation endodontist who discusses his family’s history and the specialty’s future—including the latest trends he’s seeing in implants and imaging.
May 2018
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