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New Grad Edition 2020
by Corey Johnson
Certain phone habits could be creating a recipe for disaster in your practice. Corey Johnson, an executive with Call Box, the comprehensive phone handling and phone system solution for dental practices and DSOs, shares his top recommendations to help staffers switch out bad ingredients for great ones and develop more tasteful phone habits.
April 2020
by Gary Salman
Gary Salman, CEO of Black Talon Security, discusses the perils related to your practice’s digital privacy and piracy, and shares some surprising ways that hackers might be able to squirm into your system.
September 2019
by Tija Hunter
Tija Hunter, director of the Dental Careers Institute, discusses some of today’s most promising and popular technologies and how they can best be put to use in practices to boost profit margins.
September 2019
by Tony Dickinson
Tony Dickinson, chief operating officer of finance for NCMIC Finance Corp., walks dentists through the pros and cons of the different methods of funding a dental practice, and puts them into play to fund a fictional doctor’s second practice, from facility and furnishings through staffing and technology, marketing, insurance and more.
September 2019
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