Dental Practice Staff Development
Dental Practice Staff Development
How to Create a Highly Productive Staff That Increases Patient Retention and Referrals
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Keith Lee
Keith Lee

Why Isn’t Managing Your Staff Getting Any Easier?

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Why Isn’t Managing Your Staff Getting Any Easier?

If you’re like every dentist I’ve consulted with, you’re managing the performance of your staff using random and erratic acts that are the result of trying to solve problems after they occur.

In working with dentists and creating a GOOD Job Description, I discovered that a typical GOOD Job Description for a dentist has 29 Management Responsibilities and 19 Dentist Responsibilities, yet you didn’t have a single management class in dental school.  No wonder you’re struggling. 

But don’t feel bad, before I decided to work exclusively with dentists I worked with businesses in 67 different industries and almost all of them used that same type of “put out the fire” management.  Even the ones that graduated from business school.  

To be completely honest, even though I’m a business school graduate, I used those same random and erratic acts.  Until I invented my own management system.  

One of the reasons you resort to these random and erratic acts, is that you’ve likely been told you need to do performance reviews, so you tried them, and eventually got rid of them because you realized they were demotivating, counterproductive, and did more harm than good. 

But it’s even tougher for you!  Most managers manage.  As a dentist, you need to do the work and manage your practice.  You treat and care for patients, and yet you’re responsible for 29 management duties – YIKES!

That’s why it’s even more important that you get the best out of your entire team while spending no more than 30 minutes a week managing them.  

Dentists using my system spend about 10 minutes per month per staff member managing their entire staff.  That means, if you have 9 employees (team members) who report to you, you’ll spend about 90 minutes a month managing your entire team!

If most people on your staff report to an office manager, she’ll spend about 10 minutes per staff member managing your entire team. 

Getting new patients is not only difficult, it’s expensive.  Once you get a new patient you can’t afford to lose them.  When everyone on your staff consistently looks for ways to improve your practice, and improve your patient experience, patient retention increases as do patient referrals, and you’ll eliminate those random and erratic acts that focus on fixing things. 

What would it mean to you if you could get your entire staff functioning as an effective team and functioning at a high level as individuals and, in general, getting things done consistently right by system, rather than by fighting fires and fixing mistakes?


But that’s just the beginning.

What would it mean if you could get your entire staff to consistently, actively work to improve your practice? 

If you know you could achieve more, build the practice you’ve always wanted, take that vacation and forget about work, and have a less stressful, more enjoyable home life, if only everybody else around you could be counted on more, this will be life-changing for you. 

What would happen to your practice, and your life away from the office if you could say this?

Dr. Sean Tarpenning DDS, Hebert Dental, Eau Claire, WI

“Keith’s program has provided us with a framework for our team-members to OWN problems in the practice and solve them, creating systems in the process!  It’s a complete 180-degree turn from what was happening, with ME, the business owner (or my office manager), being burdened with every problem, and ultimately being forced to handle it.  Often, in a manner, the staff would, at some level, disagree with. 

Now we are working at approaching problems as THEIR problems.  They can have a major say in how they get resolved. We simply approve their solutions, or help them come up with a more suitable solution.  It’s great!  Morale is of course up because they are owning their job posts.”

Go to and schedule your free 30 minute consultation with Keith Lee and discover how to replace your management “non-system” that focuses on fixing things and putting out fires, with a simple real system that improves staff performance and morale, and increases patient retention and referrals. 


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