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How to receive a better customer support experience

2/28/2018 10:56:21 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 33

Do you like calling customer support? I don’t. Such calls, however, are a necessary part of life. As such, they require strategies. My recent experiences with customer support illustrate some lessons I’ve learned with some experience. It all boils down to pathetic but so true “never give up”.

Illustration 1

We got a backup sensor that is different from our regular sensor and from the imaging software we are using in the office. Publicly available drivers do not work. I am calling technical support of the sensor’s manufacturer. The first person is starting with a huge laundry list of questions – what’s the practice’s name, phone, address? where you got the sensor? what’s serial number? and so on and so forth. He is then trying to send me to the technical support of our imaging software. The dead end.

I call the same number. This time I’m lucky. The representative is super helpful. He quickly helps me solve my problem. He is so good, I even ask for his extension (just in case) and leave him the best possible review.

Illustration 2

During her lunchtime, our employee calls Covered California to apply for health insurance. She spends a lot of time on the phone, provides multiple explanations, listens to confusing explanations and at the end gets: “You are not eligible for assistance”. Frustrated she hangs up.

She then calls the same number again and gets another representative. This time she is lucky. The representative is knowledgeable and efficient. She quickly goes through a list of necessary questions, fills in all information in their system and arrives at the conclusion: “We will assist with the half of your premium bill” (around $400 to be exact).

Take home lessons?

An obvious conclusion – if you are not satisfied with the resolution of your call, make several attempts. It is not about being a bully or an aggressive rogue. Neither It is about gaming the system. It is about the human factor. Not every customer representative is knowledgeable or motivated to help you solve your problem. Some representatives don’t even perceive their jobs as solving your problems. So, if you are motivated to solve your problem, try one more time.

But once you got an excellent customer support experience, ask for the representative’s extension number and save it. Quite likely you will have to call their company again.

It is always a good idea to keep all relevant information in one place. In our practice, I have a worksheet where I save account related information for every supplier/service provider we are working with. If you don’t have a similar worksheet, please find a time in your schedule and make one. Or, if you want to save time or need some inspiration, grab mine HERE.

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