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Useful lifehacks to run a dental practice
Iryna Shevchuk

Do you like calling customer support? I don’t. Such calls, however, are a necessary part of life. As such, they require strategies. My recent experiences with customer support illustrate some lessons I’ve learned with some experience. It all boils down to pathetic but so true “never give up”....  Read More
When the system is settled (effectively or not), it runs within its own rules. Once you try to change something about it, you risk running into problems. Let me demonstrate this with a very simple and stupid example. When we bought the practice, it had the phone system installed by Avaya, with...  Read More
Look at your waiting room. Do you like it? What does it say about you and your practice? Is this the message you want your patients to hear? Couple years ago I read . Basically, if you want to transform one of your services into "wow", think what is "below average," "average", and "above average"...  Read More
We paid student debt in just three years. I think it is quite an accomplishment given that we live and practice in very expensive and not extremely profitable California. What's the recipe? To have a system. Here are examples of my systems. You can play with them to fit your needs. System 1 -...  Read More
There is no need to stress the importance of positive online reviews. At the very least, a solid number of positive reviews minimizes unpleasant effect of an unexpected negative review. There are many patient engagement platforms on the market that promise you seamless collection of online reviews....  Read More
If you are using any of the automated reminders software, you probably have email addresses for most of the patients. But if you are just starting, are low tech or simply not ready to invest into such a system (we don’t use it yet, for example), then it’s still important to collect email addresses....  Read More
A couple years ago we had no clear system for organizing our reminders. The doctor could verbally leave a task for a busy scheduling coordinator and it might slip from her memory. Or a scheduling coordinator could mention something to a busy doctor, and it might slip from his memory. We wanted to...  Read More
In my previous post I wrote about the power of personalized handwritten notes. Today, I want to use the example of "thank you for referral" to demonstrate how you can create a system for everything you do in the office. You need systems to be consistent True, the idea of handwritten notes is a very...  Read More
Do you often get handwritten "thank you" notes from people? You probably do get a couple here and there from some especially grateful patients. How does it feel? To me it always feel special. A person bothered to find a nice card, to find some time, to hand write and to mail it. I still keep "thank...  Read More

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