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Warren Buffet on Hiring Millennials

Warren Buffet on Hiring Millennials

1/31/2018 1:10:17 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 75

You’re Going to Hire a Millennial?  Are you NUTS?

I do a lot of one-on-one consulting with dentists and every single one has at least one horror story of hiring a millennial.  It’s not an exaggeration when I say, some have given up on the entire generation.

Here’s the bad news on that “give up on them strategy.”  Like it or not, in two years millennials will make up over 50% of the work force… and you thought Texas Chain Saw Massacre was scary!  You better learn how to hire productive millennials now.        

You don’t need to give up on hiring millennials, and you don’t need to change your practice to accommodate them.  The articles I see about changing your practice to accommodate millennials drive me nuts.  They’re telling you to spoil the brats more?  As United States Army, General Anthony McAuliffe said to the German’s when they asked him to surrender at the Battle of the Bulge during World War II.


Don’t surrender to that B.S.

The solution is simple, you need to hire millennials who will put in a good day’s work for their good day’s pay.  

Believe it or not, millennials who will put in a good day’s work for their good day’s pay are out there, but you need to know how to identify them - AND you need to know how to identify, and not consider, the spoiled brats who think they’re entitled. 

Would You Ask Someone To Marry You After Your First Date?

Grant Robinson describes the job interview as Porm Night. 

The applicant is on their best behavior, they’ve primped themselves and rehearsed what they’re going to say to the silly questions you ask, that have nothing to do with actual job performance, until they sound like Charlton Hesston in Moses.  

And now you’re going to make a hiring decision based on an interview, a job recommendation from a previous employer (who doesn’t dare say anything negative), and a resume?

That’s like asking someone to marry you after a great first date, that just happens to be The Prom - are you NUTS?

I used to be NUTS

That’s pretty much what I did, but I added a second interview by someone else, and a third interview, with me again.  Yep… I was still nuts.

Where did you learn how to hire?  If you’re like 90% of dentists you learned from whoever interviewed you for a job in the past.  What makes them an expert? 

Some things never change… 
Yep, I learned the same way,
“I was nuts”

Warren Buffet on Hiring Millennials…

Warren Buffer says the first rule of investing is, “Never Lose Money.”  If you apply that same logic to hiring Millennials the rule becomes, “Keep the WRONG Millennials Off YOUR PAYROLL.”

When you think about it, no matter the generation, you always need to hire productive people.  The success of your practice is in the hands of your staff!  Isn’t it time to get serious, quit gambling with the success of your practice and learn how to hire top performers?  

The wrong people have always, and will always, rob from your bottom line.  They will cost you the opportunity of having a top performer, lost patients and lost revenue.  

Follow the link below to discover:

  • why your current strategies and tactics don’t work with Millennials 
  • how to increase your odds of hiring a reliable, motivated, productive Millennial from 14% to 85% 
  • why you absolutely don’t need to bend over backwards and give up the corner office to hire Millennials that will help your practice reach its potential
  • how to identify and hire Millennials you’ll be thrilled with (rather than want to strangle)
  • how to hire millennials who will do the job without having to be continually trained and retrained
  • how to hire millennials that will give you a full day’s work for their full day’s pay
  • how to hire millennials who play well with others, get along with their teammates and follow directions
  • how to hire millennials who perform the job without having to be constantly micromanaged

You can increase the odds of hiring a TOP PERFORMER – NOT JUST A WARM BODY, from 14 to 85%.

Do you have friends, clients, members, vendors or other business associates who might want to attend?  Feel free to invite them, but be sure to register yourself right now because we have a limited number of phone lines.

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