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Internet Marketing
This blog was created to help dentists understand how internet marketing works so they don't waste any money with marketing companies that don't get results.

What Is Dental SEO and Why Is It Necessary?

12/27/2017 11:35:28 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 50

You probably hear everywhere you go that you have to practice search engine optimization to stay in business. You probably know dental SEO is specifically designed for dentists to use and get benefits from it. What you might not know is what SEO really is and why it matters. We will try to explain SEO to you.


Let’s start with what it isn’t. SEO is not a magic bullet to bring your patients. It is not a portal to a virtual world of happy patients. It is not a replacement for being the best dentist you can be. It is not a replacement for caring for your patients.

  1. A Way Through the Sea -- SEO is a way people can locate your practice over others in the neighborhood. You know that you have competitors throughout an area. You want to capture new patients before your competitors do. You have to use SEO to help them find you.

  2. Greatness in Your City -- Often, what trips up dentists is the optimization point. This means that you want your website, social media and blogs to help search engines find you over others. Therefore, you want to use tags and links to your advantage. If people are searching inexpensive teeth cleaning, you will want to put inexpensive teeth cleaning somewhere on your website to optimize the ability of search engines to find you.

  3. Power Tools -- Dental SEO is one tool among many marketing tools available to you. It has the power to show people your practice, your personality and your philosophy, but it should be used along with other marketing tools available. For example, dentists are successful using direct mail pieces. They also are successful using SEO. Make sure you utilize all the tools available to you. The more people see your name the better.

  4.  Distinction -- SEO helps you to market yourself apart from other dentists. You need to be distinct. When you use SEO, you can show why patients should come to you. Dentists have to be distinct to stay ahead of competitors.

It Matters Because …

People will immediately go to the Internet when they need services. If they need a dentist, they will search for dentists in a city. The ones they will choose will be the ones on the top of the list of search engine results. If you don’t use dental SEO, you will not be on the top of the list. If you continue to rely on old-school marketing without using newer trends, you will lose patients. Dental SEO also is trackable. You will know instantly how many people clicked on your website link over others by tracking the SEO parameters. You could have the best staff, but no one would know unless you are found on the Internet. SEO ensures you are found.

However, if you don’t practice good patient-dentist relationships, you will lose patients regardless of how good your SEO is. Also, you have to build your reputation outside SEO as well. Therefore, you have to complement SEO with old-school marketing for best effectiveness.

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