Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing
This blog was created to help dentists understand how internet marketing works so they don't waste any money with marketing companies that don't get results.

6 Reasons Why Dental Marketing on Social Media is Important for Your Practice
Nowadays if you own a business, you can’t afford to ignore social media, as it offers a chance to spread the word about your practice, and potentially earn new patients. Social media is the present and the future of marketing for all businesses. More on more consumers desire to follow brands on...  Read More
You probably hear everywhere you go that you have to practice search engine optimization to stay in business. is specifically designed for dentists to use and get benefits from it. What you might not know is what SEO really is and why it matters. We will try to explain SEO to you. SEO Is … ...  Read More
Seven Tips for Online Marketing Success for Dentists Who Do Oral Cancer Screenings
Marketing a dental practice online is a proficient way to bring in more customers if done correctly. Success with online marketing requires understanding how content reaches potential customers and understanding what content that they would like to see. 1. Use infographics to explain the...  Read More
Physicians, dentists and doctors all know that the best way to keep their practice going is through getting new patients. In the past, the best way to do this was through word of mouth or other types of personal marketing. However, the internet has now changed the way that medical professionals are...  Read More
What To Do If You’re A Conflicting Client
Finding the right SEO agency for your business is important. Especially if you . You need to find a company that will take care of you needs and get you more leads and patients. But sometimes when you find the right agency for you and your practice, they already have a dentist as a client in your...  Read More
How To Effectively Market Your Dental Practice
I’ve written before about SEO, different internet tactics for acquiring new patients, and the importance of having a strong internet presence. And how they have helped . But there are still ways that you can get new patients and hold on to your existing ones without internet marketing. It...  Read More
Instead of spending a ton to reach out to your patients, you could put yourself in a position that local patients are reaching out to you whenever they need dental services. Introduction of computer networks did nothing to change the most basic fact about the way dental professionals make a living...  Read More
For a dental business to succeed, a lot of things need to go the right way, but just a single customer service misstep is all it takes to permanently ruin a reputation. Everyone who spent any time in the dental industry knows very well that some patients can be really difficult at times and that...  Read More
No matter how good a dentist may be, it’s necessary to get the word out in the community. Here is a brief overview of techniques that can be used to make your dental practice more publically visible. In every business, public image can be easily translated into money and dental services are...  Read More

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