The Efficient Practice
The Efficient Practice
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Streamline Your Business to Focus on What's Important!

Streamline Your Business to Focus on What's Important!

6/8/2017 12:00:00 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 51

Streamline Your Business to Focus on What’s Important!

Are you spending too much time focusing on too many little things? Do you find yourself overwhelmed with the minute details of running your business? Now, many of you that read this blog and follow me are dentists or in the medical field; therefore, I use the term "business" instead of medical practice
 judiciously. However, it is important that we clinicians understand that while our profession is one that helps and heals, it is yes...a business. With this being said, I will use examples from the dental office which can apply to any profession.

As dentists and practice owners, we wear many hats. It is not uncommon to serve in the position of Human Resources, Tech Support, Payroll Specialist, Marketing Director, Social Media Expert, Hospitality Chairman, and oh yeah, I forgot...The Dentist. Being the person that is ultimately responsible for the entire business, your team's livelihoods and your patients bears a heavy burden at times. You took all the risks, so you have to make sure that all is copacetic. Right? This is true to a certain degree, but what if all of the noise is preventing you from doing (well) what you love to do, Dentistry. Well, STOP IT! Pretty simplistic, huh. I hear you saying "sounds good doc, but all jokes aside. How can this be remedied?"

While I thoroughly recommend you knowing how to do EVERYTHING in your office, you shouldn't have to do it all. Okay, I hear the questions again..."Everything?" And, my answer is yes, everything. It is your business, so why wouldn't you know everything about running it. I have always and still to this day sit through all office training with my team (whether it is the practice management software or new equipment). Why wouldn't you do the same? Now, this may sound intuitive; however, I have worked with countless doctors who are hands off and do not understand all of the components of their business. While, it is ideal to have a wonderful team, the office shouldn't stop should a team member (who knows all) leave the practice.

Once you know and understand all of the components of running a well-oiled machine (your business), here's how to decrease the minutia. Do a task analysis. Holy Cow! This is a big one. A task analysis will allow you to determine how you may efficiently spend your time.

Here's how it's done:

You write down every single thing you do, and then, you list who could be trained to do these tasks or to whom you could delegate them to. I hear doctors say quite frequently, that “I wish my team members could just do_____________ or _____________.” A task analysis allows you to effectively use your time and focus on your profession, treating your patients and creating exceptional experiences for them. This simple but highly effective exercise will enable you to concentrate on the thing that pays your overhead and that you are passionate about, Dentistry.

Unless you just love to do it, you as the dentist should not be going through junk/snail mail. Your office administrator can filter those things out for you. For your practice/business to thrive, you need to streamline your business in order to focus on what’s important!

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