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Dental assistant checklists

Dental assistant checklists

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(edit all checklist as you  see fit)

_____  Lower thermostats to 70°

_____  Turn on all lights, including carpule warmers and 3 red light switches                                                                            

_____  Empty autoclave

_____  Turn on the processor and water in the x-ray room, add 6oz of fresh fixer and developer into appropriate tanks 

_____  Lower blinds in operatory #1 to a closed position

_____  Lower chairs

_____  Empty chair side cold steriles and restock needed supplies in operatories

_____  Put away clean instruments

_____  Set up operatories for first patients

_____  Gather charts for the morning huddle, along with progress notes and lab Rx’s

_____  Participate in the dental office huddle and inform staff what procedures will be rendered for each patient

_____ Give lab cases not completed the day before to the receptionist, to call for pickup


_____  Greet patients and seat them in the operatory. 

_____  Review medical history and chart.

_____  Take any necessary x-rays before the doctor arrives to treat patient.

_____  Assist the doctor at chair side.

_____  Pour up opposing preliminary alginate impression (if necessary).

_____ Fill out progress note information and place it in the chart; complete and secure the doctor’s signature.

_____  Fill out routing slip, accurately indicating all procedures performed, prescriptions needed, next visit information.

_____  Take chart, routing slip, and lab slip to the Accounts Manager before dismissing the patient from the chair.

_____  Dismiss the patient from chair and escort him/her to Accounts Manager for checkout.

_____  Clean the operatory after each patient.

_____  Prepare the room for the next patient.

_____  Pack any inserted/completed lab case in a zip lock bag and label it (patient’s name, insertion date, tooth number, prosthetic type).  Empty the box in lab.

_____  Keep inventory control throughout the day.  Constantly check the supply of materials and write down any needed supplies, including any necessary information and always check to be sure the needed supplies have not already been ordered.

_____ Sterilize instruments.

_____  File x-rays in charts.

_____  Trim and label all poured models.

_____  Wash, dry and hang lab coats when needed.



_____  Ensure all operatories are clean, set up for the next day’s first patients and chairs are raised to their highest point.

_____  Open and pull up operatory #1 blinds.

_____  Turn off all lights in operatories, carpule warmers, curing lights, darkroom and x-ray units and Panorex machine.

_____  Turn off all three red light switches (water, compressor, vacuum).

_____  Fill water bottles in operatories 

_____  Purge lines for high-speeds and A/W syringes.

_____  Remove all instruments from the Biosonic.

_____  Ensure all instruments are bagged and ready to go for sterilization cycle.

_____  Clean lab, including countertop and sink, and turn off all equipment.

_____  Ensure all models are poured, trimmed and labeled.

_____  Prepare all lab cases; label and box with Rx enclosed and get ready to go out the next morning.  Give cases to the receptionist to call for pickup.

_____  Turn both thermostats up to 75°.

_____  Turn off the water valve and x-ray processor.

_____  Turn off the autoclave.

_____  Select progress note labels for each patient on the next day’s schedule and place in the chart along with the routing slip.

_____  Select the appropriate lab prescriptions (if applicable) for patients on the next day’s schedule.  Fill out the name, date, date needed by, tooth numbers and instructions and place them in the chart along with routing slip and progress notes.

_____  Pull all lab cases for try-in or insertion for the next day’s schedule.  Ensure all lab cases are in for the next day.  Place cases in lab stock trays and label them with the patient’s name.  Place them on the sterilization counter.  Notify the scheduling coordinator immediately of any missing cases.

_____ Check in and put away any supply orders received.

______ Shut off items in lab (ie: cerec milling unit, glazing oven, vacuum former)

______ Turn off Nitrous and Oxygen

______ Drain Ultrasonic



_____  Wash, dry and hang lab coats.  Remove all pens, gloves and masks from pockets beforehand.

_____ Add oil to the compressor - to both ports in the laundry room.

_____  Remove all instruments from the Biosonics.

_____  Change solutions in the Biosonics.

_____  Ensure all instruments are bagged and ready to go for the sterilization cycle.

_____  Load and run the Autoclave.

_____  Turn off the autoclave.

_____  Clean the Autoclave.  It must be warm when cleaned. 

_____  Empty all objects from all cold steriles.  

_____ Ensure that all used impression trays are scrubbed thoroughly in hot soapy water and then replaced in their proper containers above the lab sink.

_____  Run vacu-cleaner or bleach water through all suctions and pour a cup full of bleach water down each cuspidor.

_____  Change traps in all cuspidors.

_____  Empty water bottles in operatories #1 and #3.

_____ Run dilute bleach solution through air water syringes and high speed lines.

_____  Purge lines for the high-speeds and A/W syringes until dry.

_____  Clean all chairs in the operatory. Then, Armoral chairs and bases.

_____  Clean the lab, sterilization center, and operatory countertops and cabinets with soft scrub and all-purpose spray cleaner.

_____ Lower Panorex unit and wipe off the top of it with all-purpose cleaner.

_____  Do any other cleaning needed.

_____  Turn off the water valve and shut off the x-ray processor.

_____ Clean the x-ray processor.  Follow the weekly maintenance schedule.

_____ Organize and check all supplies in Endo cart.

_____  Re-stock the operatories and cabinet above the autoclave.

_____  Re-stock the bur blocks from all operatories uniformly.

_____ Check in and put away all supply orders received.

_____ Check stock and inventory supplies.  

_____  Restock paper towel dispensers in all operatories, patient bathroom, lab, darkroom and sink.

_____  Restock the patient bathroom with soap, lotion and tooth-brushing supplies.

_____  Ensure that all models are poured, trimmed and labeled.

_____  Confirm that all lab cases prepared, labeled and boxed with the Rx enclosed and ready to go out the next morning.  Give cases to the receptionist to arrange for pickup.

_____  Ensure that all lab equipment turned off. 

_____  Turn off all lights in the operatories, carpule warmers, curing lights, darkroom and x-ray units.

_____  Raise chairs to their highest point.

_____  Open and pull up operatory #1 blinds.

_____  Complete _______ Budget Report.

_____  Insert progress notes in charts for the next day’s schedule.

_____  Pull lab cases for next day’s schedule, place them in the lab stock trays and label them with the patient’s name.  Place them in the designated cabinet above the sterilization counter.

_____  Place necessary (approved) supply orders.  Ensure and record keeping is always maintained regarding ordering supplies.

_____ Empty the mailbox and completely handle all requests.

_____  Turn off both thermostats.



_____ Perform spore testing in the autoclave and mail it. Then, document testing on the autoclave testing schedule in the dental lab.

_____  Clean the x-ray processor 

_____ Clean the cold steriles and change the solution.

_____ Remove all cuspidors and soak them in bleach water (50/50 mix) in lab sink.

_____ Place a new filter in the water filtration system.  

_____ Clean the suction trap filters in the maximizer pump.

_____ Clean the oil compressor and vacuum fan vent.

_____ Document the above on monthly maintenance schedule in the dental lab.

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