Fall is a great time for medical and dental groups to review their cash-flow and revenue cycle process. It is a crucial time before the holiday season when you are short-staffed and patients begin prioritizing discretionary spending.

Recently, an administrator contacted me concerning her group's growing receivables. Her conundrum was with recent changes her A/R had grown to a point of concern; however, they were limited on space to hire more staff. "Interestingly enough" I said. "I just had a follow-up with a practice who had similar concerns, but were now showing exceptional results - with fewer staff." In fact, due to one staff member being transferred and another being out on medical leave, her department was down to just herself. To make matters worse, they were busy with ICD-10, EMR upgrades, training, etc.. Nonetheless, she was able to significantly reduce A/R while managing other priorities. In addition to increased cash-flow, she reported significantly fewer patients requiring costly third-party collection efforts. "It has been a win-win," she said.  

Fortunately, three months earlier, their office adopted a solution compatible with 98% of the top EMR and practice management software. The technology was designed to significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a practice's internal collections. Perhaps more important is the time saved, which may be rededicated to other, more productive operations. With that said, the demo was scheduled, and a new client advocate was created. 

Summary: Investing a little time to review these enhancements can pay big dividends for your practice. If your practice is interested in learning more about the aforementioned solutions via web demo, please contact me directly or via LinkedIn In Mail. Happy Holidays!