Long in the Tooth: Insights for Age 55+ Dentists
Long in the Tooth: Insights for Age 55+ Dentists
Long in the Tooth provides non-clinical gems of wisdom for older dental practice owners. We will sit down with Nationally recognized subject matter experts that will address topics that will benefit you and your practice now and in the future.
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Bob Brooks
Bob Brooks

Increasing Options for Help with Transitions

Increasing Options for Help with Transitions

7/20/2021 11:27:44 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 21


Increasing Options for Help with Transitions

The world of practice transitions is maturing in many ways for the better. If you’re thinking about making a transition, ideally you are planning 3 years in advance so you can avoid the two most common mistakes – not having a transition team, and your own emotional preparedness.

Tune in for our last episode with Brian Hanks, MBA, CFP, as we talk all about evaluating transition options, advisors, transition trends, For Sale by Owner (FSBOs), and sale readiness. 

Brian’s company, Dental Buyer Advocates, guides dentists through the process of analyzing, negotiating, and purchasing the right dental practices. He has served over 1,100 dentists nationally. Brian was an accountant and Certified Financial Planner™ at two different dental CPA firms, and he has an MBA from the University of Michigan.

Key questions we answer on this episode:

  • Who do buyers and sellers typically need to transition a dental practice?
  • What are some newer trends with transitions?
  • Who should attempt to sell their practices and who should hire help?
  • When is the ideal time to start prepping to sell your practice?
  • Any common mistakes to avoid with transitions?

To get a discount on Brian’s new book, Selling Your Dental Practice, go to: dentaltransitioncoaching.com/book/. You can also access 100+ free articles about different questions you might already be asking at: dentalbuyeradvocates.com/blog/

To contact Brian Hanks, email him at: brian@dentalbuyeradvocates.com, or call: 801-304-3302. 

Learn about dental practice transition specialists in your area by messaging: office@longinthetooth.info

Long in the Tooth provides non-clinical gems of wisdom for older dental practice owners. Learn more about this podcast at: longinthetooth.info

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