The Deals for Dentists Podcast
The Deals for Dentists Podcast
I will be blogging weekly interviews with dentists and vendors from across the industry. The video version has silly pop ups, key takeaways, definitions, and of course making fun my dry sense of humor and dead pan look. Thanks, Dr. Eric Block
Deals for Dentists

Episode #23: David Harris, CEO of Prosperident

Episode #23: David Harris, CEO of Prosperident

2/23/2021 4:28:06 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 17

Episode #23 David Harris CEO of Prosperident

Prosperident investigates when embezzlement is confirmed or suspected and they assist dentists with implementing systems to protect their practices.  Prosperident is the world’s oldest and largest firm specializing in the investigation and prevention of embezzlement committed against general dentists and dental specialists

Find Prosperident's listing on and get a 10% fee reduction on all services

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