Advantages of 3D in radiology for patients and dentists

Advantages of 3D in radiology for patients and dentists

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One of the greatest technological advances in recent times has been achieved in the area of radiology. Specifically, for a few years now, we have had scanners that allow 3D images to be made, so that diagnoses can be carried out much more precisely.

Panoramic three-dimensional images

When we talk about 3D dental radiology, we refer to the images that are taken using CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) technology.
It is a radiological technology made up of an X-ray emission source, a digital capture sensor and which together with specific software allows obtaining high-resolution three-dimensional images.

Specifically, CBCT technology is capable of performing a volumetric acquisition of  an area of exploration or of diagnostic interest in a subject or patient with a very high resolution . We speak of a voxel size (volumetric pixel) sometimes less than 100 microns.

This high image quality allows for very precise diagnoses, as well as planning and personalizing in detail each of the steps of a treatment.
One of the strengths of CBCT technology is the effective radiation and exposure times much shorter than those used by a conventional CT .  

The results are images with the best quality and the lowest radiation dose required. 

3D radiology has become an indispensable tool in all areas of dentistry, especially maxillofacial surgery , implantology and endodontics. 

3D CBCT devices are completely open, they are designed to give maximum comfort to patients. They can be adjusted and configured for any type of patient, whether adult or child, by height, and even for those with reduced mobility who use a wheelchair.

They also offer comfort to the dental clinic, due to their ease of use and the minimum requirements for installation.
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