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How to Rapidly Create and Implement A Highly Effective and Profitable Dental Web Marketing Program - INFOGRAPHIC -

How to Rapidly Create and Implement A Highly Effective and Profitable Dental Web Marketing Program - INFOGRAPHIC -

7/29/2014 1:47:52 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 11520

The Infographic I Used Is One That You'll Want to Download, Save and Use As A Resource!

If you've finally come to the realization that you need to learn how to rapidly implement a profitable dental web marketing program that includes the newest and most effective dental web marketing strategies be prepared to evaluate a multiplicity of options.

You've got SEO, Blogging, Landing PagesWebsites, Social Media, and (the 2 hottest and fastest growing (utilized) strategies of Growth Hacking and Gamification. The #1 question I get from Dentists (and Dental Marketing Experts) is “Where should I start, which methods should I use, what social media channels should I use to achieve the best results and what the heck is Growth Hacking and Gamification?”

Unfortunately, there’s no one “right answer” that I can give because the strategy is going to vary from Dental Practice to Dental Practice. For some Dentist clients, implementing Gamification Mechanics into their website, landing pages and internal processes in their practice are the best option, while some would benefit for a more comprehensive Growth Hacking Strategy  and then a few are going to benefit from a targeted SEO and Social Media strategy that includes blogging.

Having said that, I have included an infographic that breaks down the options and information you need to look at when designing, building and implementing a dental web marketing strategy for your practice. The data I’ve included in the infographic should make the decision process you’ll go through for choosing the best platforms and strategies for marketing your practice much easier.



When it comes to building the best web marketing strategy for Growth Hacker Central, the method that’s worked best for us has been Growth Hacking, Content Marketing, SEO and Gamification. This combination has worked amazingly well for us and has been proven to provide the biggest bang for the buck for our Dentist clients with established practices who have flat-lined and/or want to create sustainable growth.  The best strategy for Dentists right out of school is almost always all together different. 

If you are looking for a dental web marketing strategy you can handle on your own (maybe because you believe that you have lots of free time and want to do the work yourself) I recommend that you start with a content marketing program that includes a well-written and informative blog that targets social media sites like LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook (not necessarily in that

In what other ways can you market your dental practice effectively online?

If you’re unsure about the best methods for marketing your dental practice online you can schedule a FREE 20-minute NON-SALES consultation with me by filling out our contact form

You’ll be amazed and delighted by what we can accomplish in a short amount of time!




















































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Ken Newhouse is the 'OFFICIAL' Growth Hacker of the Dental Profession Worldwide™ and Founder of Growth Hacker Central. Growth Hacker Central is the leading provider of Dentist SEO, Dental Web Marketing and Growth Hacker Marketing for Dentists.


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