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Features of a Modern Dental Office

6/28/2019 12:59:55 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 152

 Features of a Modern Dental Office

As the professional landscape continues to change to include advances in technology, the face of the modern office looks more and more different than it did just a decade ago. As the workplace has become more and more connected to the Internet, the need for outmoded technology like copiers, desk phones, and fax machines has dwindled down to virtual non-existence. Here's a look at the features of a 2019-era dental office, and how greatly it differs from workplaces that existed just ten short years ago.


No Receptionist, No Problem

As companies begin to rely more on cloud-based applications for data storage, file sharing, and accounting, it's not as necessary as it once was to have a human stationed out front as a receptionist. In fact, modern offices are now using a visitor management system to check-in visitors for appointments. The elimination of another employee salary not only can save a company money on salary, benefits and other expenses.


Forego the Phones

While certain legacy organizations still utilize office phones, with extension lines at every desk, younger companies are seeing the value of communicating with clients, prospects, and one another without the need for a complex, expensive phone system. Employees are encouraged to make business calls through Zoom or a similar cloud-based conference-calling application, or may use their private mobile devices to place calls for work. Additionally, collaboration apps like Slack allow employees to interface in real time without the need for constant phone calling. Even employees working in two completely different states can effectively communicate with one another by chatting online via this type of app. As for incoming calls, a main office number featuring a virtual receptionist can be set up to properly greet clients and prospects without the need for employing a full-time front desk attendant.


Pass on the Paper

There was once a time when paper ruled the average office, andf especially any sort of healthcare office. File cabinets, copiers, and printers are all becoming relics from another time as digital file storage is becoming the norm. With the exception of super-confidential documents, such as employee hire papers and financial records, most offices are now able to conduct most or all of their business in a paperless manner. Multi-function machines that allow scanning as well as copying and printing are still an essential part of the modern workplace, but the use of paper continues to diminish as information security options make it more and more possible to ensure confidentiality and integrity of even the most important documents.


The modern dental office may look quite different than it did just a decade ago, but the drive to excel within an industry is still strong among new businesses. As young companies continue to challenge the old ways of doing business and suggest better, more efficient ways of getting results, it's likely that the landscape of the contemporary office will continue to change and incorporate new and exciting technologies.

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