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Uber/Lyft Lawsuits On The Raise. Be Prepared

Uber/Lyft Lawsuits On The Raise. Be Prepared

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Uber and Lyft have revolutionized the way we are able to travel. Unfortunately, with any type of travel comes the possibility of an accident. While it's important to take the right steps after any type of car accident in order to be able to fully return to a normal life, getting into a car accident during an Uber or Lyft drive does not carry the same type of consequences as getting into any other car accident. If the unexpected should happen, these tips can guide you towards recovering quickly. 
Follow These Steps
Although a passenger and a driver will have different responsibilities following an Uber or Lyft accident, there are certain steps that both passengers and drivers should take. Popular personal injury law firms like West Coast Trial lawyers are well experienced to help you along  

Make sure everyone else is okay. 

Call emergency services. 

Seek medical treatment if it is needed. 

Take pictures of all injuries that you may have sustained during the accident.

Get contact information from all the witnesses. 

The last step may become important if you need the help of a ridesharing accident lawyer. West Coast trial lawyers specializing in Lyft and Uber may be needed depending on the severity of the case. 
What to Do if You Were a Passenger
Having a car accident during an Uber or Lyft ride can be devastating. You've just been injured in an accident involving a driver you don't know, and you may be injured. While many of the previously mentioned steps are definitely valuable if you are involved in a Lyft or Uber accident as a passenger, there are a few other considerations to keep in mind. 
Was your driver behaving recklessly? An experienced Uber accident lawyer or Lyft accident lawyer will be able to tell you that many Uber drivers allow themselves to become distracted during the drive. This is often not on purpose. But many drivers must balance their driving with new requests on their phones, and taking their eyes off the road even shortly can lead to a car crash.
Drivers who work for Lyft and Uber are also in a hurry to get you to your destination. By getting you to your destination as quickly as possible, they can quickly proceed to the next passenger. Fitting in as many passengers as they can during an hour increases their hourly wage. While this is understandable, the increase in speed also increases the chances of running a light, not stopping for stop signs and failing to put on the breaks in time for the car that stops in front of them. 
In any of these cases, you may need the assistance of West Coast Trial Lawyers – Personal Injury Law Firm in Los Angeles, CA who have experience in dealing with Lyft and Uber car accidents. Although you will not have to worry about dealing with the damage to the vehicle, you may need a lawyer to help you deal with any significant injuries that occurred because of your accident. 
If you've been in an Uber or Lyft car accident, it's important for you to get your driver's name and information. If there are any other passengers or witnesses, make sure that you obtain their information as well. If your injuries are severe enough to warrant going to court, you will want to be able to have witnesses. 
What to Do as a Driver
If you are a driver who has just been in an accident, you may be understandably shaken and upset. But it is important for you to remain calm and follow these tips: 

If you can, take a picture of the license plate of the other car. Taking pictures of the other license plate will help to insure you in case the other driver takes off before the police arrive. 

Do not admit to fault. If you are not sure what happened in the accident, just say "I don't know." 

Pay attention to what the other driver is saying about the crash. See if they are willing to admit fault or not. 

Ask your passengers for their information politely. They may be in a great deal of shock and anger at having their day interrupted. Be considerate of their feelings, but politely ask for their information. Your company may or may not provide it for you later. 

Contact Uber or Lyft. 

Will Uber or Lyft Deactivate You?
One you contact Uber or Lyft, they are likely to deactivate you temporarily. Although this is a temporary deactivation, it will mean that you could lose several weeks of income. In cases like these, you may require the help of an experienced ridesharing accident lawyer. Lyft and Uber suspend drivers who have had accidents in order to determine who is at fault and having a qualified attorney may help you prove your case more quickly. 
Which Insurance Company Will Cover Your Accident?
The law determining which insurance company covers your accident can be very complicated, and you might wish to seek the assistance of an Uber accident lawyer or Lyft accident lawyer so that your rights will be fully protected. 
States such as California and Washington have decided that insurance policies of Lyft and Uber must cover the drivers regardless of whether there was a passenger in the car or not. 
In other circumstances, deciding which insurance company will cover you will depend entirely upon what you were doing at the time of the accident. Generally, the following circumstances will determine which insurance company covers you during an Uber or Lyft accident: 

Online mode waiting for a request: your personal insurance must cover all the cost that it is willing to pay, then your ridesharing costs may pay additional costs. In this situation, contact your personal insurance first before also contacting Uber or Lyft.

Online Mode with a passenger or going to pick up a passenger: Uber and Lyft should be contacted first in these situations. In these situations, your personal insurance is unlikely to pay. That responsibility will fall to Uber or Lyft's ridesharing insurance. 

Not in online mode at all: Uber or Lyft will not pay for the damages, and you should contact your personal car insurance company. 

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