Top 5 Mini Orthodontic Continuing Education Courses to Take In 2019

Top 5 Mini Orthodontic Continuing Education Courses to Take In 2019

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If you are not sure of what orthodontics means, you need to know, it is a branch in dentistry aiming at the alignment of the teeth. It generally focuses on the improvement in the appearance of a patient’s teeth, or the mechanics on how to enhance their bite. If you are planning to become an orthodontist, you have to be aware of one fact. Once you complete dental school and you enroll in orthodontic continuing education, this will transform your practice, help with license renewals, and ensure that you match the requirements by state. In general, orthodontics is a field that offers several benefits, and you will be glad you made this decision. 

Across the United States, you will come across several accredited dental schools, and several institutes or organizations provide approved on-site and virtual training options in orthodontic education. Keep in mind that training in this field includes clinical experiences in person with the patient or lab appointments. 

If you are planning to expand your knowledge in orthodontic CE, here are the top five mini orthodontic continuing education mini courses you should consider choosing in 2019. 

  1. Orthodontic Continuing Education: Use of Lip Bumpers                                         

    You should enroll in this great course this year. It explains the indications as well as the mechanics that goes into the use of lip bumper appliances. In your practice, the lip bumper does an excellent job of expanding or developing the lower arch. It is the ideal appliance for mixed dentition cases. During the course, you will get complete details of cushioned as well as lip-coated bumpers. This will happen through lectures, project videos, case presentations, written tests, projects, and more ways. 


    At the end of the course, you will learn the treatment using distalize lip bumper, rotate molars, and using the appliance in the best functional way to remove lip pressure. In addition, you will learn how to position the appliance to achieve the best results and maximize its functions. 

                            Indirect Bracketing                                         

    This technique optimizes the installation of fixed appliance at the orthodontic office, this ensures the precise bracket positioning among all other advantages. During the course, you will learn about the material, the clinical phase, and all the methods that help to create transfer trays for accuracy. Among other orthodontic continuing education courses the outcomes you can expect from the course is a better understanding of three-dimensional visualization of positioning the tooth, better accuracy when positioning brackets, since they carry on with the procedures in a laboratory. 


    Learn about the various advantages that tag along with indirect bracketing, including little need for bends expansion, reduced chair time, reduced mental stress and physical stress since it is simpler compared to direct bonding and comfortable for patients. 

                            Archwire Sequence and Force System Mechanics                                         

    When you enroll in this mini course, the best institute, such as Gerety Orthodontic Seminars will guide you on the details that go into the archwire sequence, forming of archwires, understanding the properties as well as when to advance to the next stage of the treatment. In addition to the archwire mechanics, you will understand the various types of forces that are best to add, the right time to add them and adapting to them. You will learn more about the archwire sizes, which help to accomplish the best results, more about reverse curves, cinchback bends, accentuated curves, and bends. Learn how to treat cases using the best orthodontic methods. 

  3. Cephalometric Tracing                                         

    From this mini course, you will learn how to take cephalometric x-rays and tracings properly, which should serve as a valuable addition to your treatment planning and diagnosis. You will learn how to predict the effects of different procedures. It is the best training aid for all dental assistants, which gives them an insight into new skills and more knowledge they need to proceed with ceph tracings. The mini course aims at guiding orthodontists about the definition, as well as the cephalometric landmarks and the right guidelines for establishing the treatment and planning. Learn how to measure planes, angles and line using protractors. 

                            Proper Band and Bracket Placement

If you wish to attain success with your orthodontic cases, then using the Straight Wire Technique, band placement is important for the success of your cases. In addition, this course serves as the foundation in orthodontic training and when you get orthodontic continuing education credit in this, you will be able to take up more cases. You will learn more about the features and the benefits of these brackets. Learn how to obtain proper placement using precise measurements, and how the appliance affects the torque and tooth tip, curve of spee, rotation and more. 

 Although there are several other orthodontic continuing education mini courses you can consider, just make sure that you go to a trusted institute. Ensure the package is a suitable one for you and the lecturers should have enough years of experience to guide you on the courses. 

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