Get Off the Treadmill, by Chuck Blakeman
Get Off the Treadmill, by Chuck Blakeman
Your practice should produce both time and money, not just money. Learn how to get off the treadmill, make more money in less time and build a practice you can enjoy for decades.
Chuck Blakeman

The Practice Leader's Game - Two Questions that Can Change Your Life

The Practice Leader's Game - Two Questions that Can Change Your Life

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The Practice Leader’s Game

Two Questions That Can Change Your Life

Freedom is the ability to CHOOSE what to do with my time and my money. Money can make you rich, but you are not wealthy until your practice regularly produces both TIME and money for you, which gives you the ability to be truly free; to choose.


Most of us have some kind of graph, plan, or at least a number in our head about how much more money we expect to make next year. We intend to grow our revenue. But how many of us actually have a number and a clear plan for how much TIME we intend to invest in the practice next year?


Why do we have a revenue number for growth, but never a number that says, “last year I spend 48 hours in the practice every week, and this year I intend to invest 30 hours, and the practice revenue will still grow”? Very simply, we think we’re in charge of building revenue and don’t believe we can be in charge of creating more time for ourselves. Or we think that the only we to get more revenue is to spend more time. The two are forever linked in our heads.


This is what we call an Income Producer, not a Pratice Owner. An Income Producer thinks they have to trade time for money. But the Practice Owner believes that the two are not linked. They are committed to building a practice that makes money when they are not there, and continues to grow as they invest less time in the practice. They play the Practice Owner’s game. If you memorize the two questions in this game, and apply them daily, it will change your life. It changed mine.


In this podcast, we’ll give you the two simple, powerful questions to change the way you approach dentistry, and we’ll give you a very simple process for identifying the highest and best use of your time so you can get off the dental treadmill and build a practice that serves you, not the other way around.


Play the Practice Owner’s Game and watch your practice and your life change.

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