Love & Orthodontics
Love & Orthodontics
Dr Chris Baker is Past President of the American Orthodontic Society, a pediatric dentist and faculty member of three dental schools. She practices in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and Texas, USA. Dr Chris writes about orthodontics, pediatric dentistry and life.
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 Orthodontics in Your Practice, Doctor! Part IV - Commit to Learn

Orthodontics in Your Practice, Doctor! Part IV - Commit to Learn

10/11/2018 5:38:19 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 17
You can change all things when you change yourself for the better.  So how do you need to change yourself?  The answer lies in what you want to FEEL.

Clarity about what you want to feel, be, experience is the key. 

“Self-protection leads to mediocrity.  
Self-service leads to fortune.  
Self-investment leads to fortune."
      ~ Jim Rohn

You life will never be the same, once you begin to change.

A profound commitment to learning, learning, learning, CONSTANT AND NEVER-ENDING SELF IMPROVEMENT is the key.  It’s an attitude.  It’s a mindset.  

Your progress brings you happiness.  Your plateau gets boring. 

You went to dental school.  It was exciting to learn, to grow to become.  It was exciting to begin practice.  It was exciting to see yourself becoming more and more.  Then, you plateau.  You level-off. 

You are bored, and worse yet, probably worried.  How can I make more money?  How can I deal with practice issues?  How can I deal with insurance and Medicaid problems?
We are designed to grow and grow, and to give.

Here’s an answer that has worked wonders for me:  adding orthodontics to my practice.  In fact, it brought me wonderment — excitement — scary, yet amazing stuff.  

It isn’t what your practice, your budget is costing you now.  It’s what it will cost you if you don’t change it, if you don’t grow.  

Don’t go one more day without learning something amazing, then giving it to someone else. 

 Orthodontics in Your Practice, Doctor! Part IV - Commit to Learn
Consider Orthodontics
Consider what you can add to your life, to your staff’s lives, to your patients’ lives, to your family’s lives, to the world!
Why not now?  Why not you?

Get a game plan going.
Have conversations.
Do it NOW.

What is the date today?
Write it down.  BECAUSE - 
THIS could be the date that changes it all.
This could be the date that gets you to bigger, better things, bringing you wealth, happiness and amazing gifts to others.

Choose the pain of discipline instead of the pain of regret.  Your practice, your life will NEVER be the same. It will be full of new abundance, new happiness, new wealth, new gifts to others.

Why not now?

Come learn with us.  We will teach you.  You can do it.  It’s your choice.  Get clarity, then get going!!  We LOVE TO HELP you make the deliberate steps again and again to create change.  

Yes you can do it!   And we are here to help!!

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