DDS: Dad and Dental Surgeon
DDS: Dad and Dental Surgeon
A blog not just about dentistry, but about your other job as well, being a dad. I want to give you some advice in both areas because you can't just be good at one of these, you need to excel at both!
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A Better New Year's Resolution
A Better New Year’s Resolution: Objective:  Find one (two at the most!!) resolutions from this list to try and keep.  Keep, meaning to allow these changes to become habits!  These resolutions are specifically meant to be very small changes in the beginning that can have very big effects on your...  Read More
A very easy way to keep your staff happy
Happiness…is a choice.  It is not something that you inherit from your parents, or a daily pill that you take (unless you take an anti-depressant, I guess that can bring you happiness in pill form, but that’s not the point).  Happiness however, can be learned.  Happiness can be ingrained into your...  Read More
Playing the Lottery with Your Patients
I was flipping through an ADA Newsletter when I came across this graph below:                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ...  Read More
I wanted to write this post to share my professional opinion as a general dentist about a new documentary revolving around the potential dangers of having a root canal procedure done.  Whether you have heard about the film or you have watched the entire thing from start to finish, this article is...  Read More
Scheduling your life, not your patients...
When I ask the question "How do you schedule your day?" Does your mind go to this?   Disclaimer: The picture above is a picture from a Google search, not my actual patient schedule     Or does your mind go to this???       Neither way is wrong, but if you immediately thought about...  Read More
How to Juggle Your Two Jobs
      I was taught how to juggle by my uncle on New Year's Eve one year when I was a kid, I can't remember the exact year, but I think it was around 1999 or 2000.  One of the biggest concepts when you first learn how to juggle is that you don't start off throwing all 3 balls at once.  You...  Read More
What I didn't get a chance to talk about with Howard Farran Dentistry Uncensored Episode #1027: Work Hard and Hustle
Click the link above to watch the entire podcast with Howard Farran!  It is also available to listen to on the podcast app on your iPhone.     I could have talked to Dr. Howard Farran for hours.  Thank you Howard for my fifteen minutes of fame.  My friends and family that listened to the podcast...  Read More

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