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Doctor Demographics
I write about where to put a practice, the market conditions that are influencing the places where dentistry works best, and the trends that are helping or inhibiting practice.
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What Trumps Demographics
Now, let's get real.  I provide demographic data for dental practices as do several other vendors.  But it might be time to share a little naked truth: demographics can be VERY helpful to mitigate risk but it will not predict success.  You are going to need more than just a good competition ratio....  Read More
Is There Reason for Optimism in Dentistry? A Demographer's Perspective
I have read a great deal about how DOOMED the profession of dentistry is.  I have also been working in the profession for more than 35 years and I can say that what you have heard may need a little mitigation.  So, here are some thoughts from an outsider. Is There Reason for Optimism   Read More
Race, Culture, and Dentistry
What practices are often seeking is a "natural constituency" in order to growth the office quickly and without a great deal of drama.  To do this, it might be wise to consider the different races, ethnicities, language groups, and similar populations.  This a great first-step to figuring out how to...  Read More
Locations for Practice: The Surging South
The Surging South is about how the job market is revealing where locations to place a practice or to purchase and office can be found.  Forbes has just released its markets that show the most new jobs and we tie it together by seeing how this will influences places to practice.  The Surging South   Read More
Treasure and Trash Sites in the Midwest
A great deal has been said about opening or purchasing a practice in the Midwest.  But the "where" of where to go has been revealed in some excellent regional demographic information.  This podcast episode deals with that issue.  Treasure & Trash in the Midwest   Read More
Using Practice Brokers: A Demographic Perspective
What do you do when the demographic character of a location is marginal?  This is a perspective on using a practice broker from the point of view of a demographer.  Brokers, TAKE HEART! Practice Brokers   Read More
Time Table for Research and Order of Operations for Practice
How far in advance should you research the viability of a site? What do you really need to know? Timetable for Research   Read More
Places with Promise for Practice, 2018
Ever wonder where you should  be looking in the US for sites that show most promise?  Well, this is the podcast session you should hear TODAY.  Places with Promise, 2018   Read More
Three Demographic Factors that Spell Success or Tragedy
There are three important factors that will spell success for a practice site.  And, no, one of them is NOT competition (which may surprise you).  Rather, they are more important and relevant to the profitability of your practice operations.  Three Vital Demographic Factors   Read More
The Geriatric Dental Practice
It may seem that all the "good spots" are taken.  What we may need to consider is how to serve an underserved population better in order to make our practices grow.  This session deals with the idea of age related demographics may be fertile ground for existing and new practices.  The Geriatric...  Read More
Profitability and Working with the Poor
Some dentists complain that all the "good locations" have already been taken.  That is because so few consider locations that do not fit a narrow calculation of what makes a reasonable place to  build a practice.  This episode deals with those locations that will work well for serving a broader...  Read More
Fertile Ground for Start-ups
Fertile Ground for Start-up This is not so much about the process of doing a start-up.  There are already some outstanding podcasts on that topic.  Rather, it is about finding what you need to know about whether a site is viable or not.  Read More
Who needs a Partner (Good Reasons and Bad Reasons)
Why Choose a Partner Why in the World would you want a partner (good reasons and bad reasons).  Read More
Resolutions for Demographics and Wealth in 2018
Your outcomes for a successful practice (particularly when it comes to where to put a practice) will have their seeds NOW.  This little session is a reminder of what you need to think about in the next two weeks to achieve serious wealth in 2018. Resolutions for Wealth in 2018 (Demographics)   Read More
Multiple Office Sites: Dentist or Dental CEO
There are some big decisions you have to consider when it comes to opening a multi-office dental practice.  One of the big ones deals with whether you really want to be a dentist or a dental CEO.  There are not really the same thing and you may have to leave your comfort zone to do it.  Can it be...  Read More
Best 20 Cities for a Start-up Practice
Last week, I discussed the 10 locations that start-ups are going to be tough.  This week I offer 20 cities in the U.S. where Start-up Practices should be fairly well (as well as what to look for in other sites). Best Places for Start-up Practice   Read More
Where NOT to Do a Start-up Practice: 10 Worst Cities in the U.S.
This is our fall list of cities in the U.S. that are probably best avoided when it comes to considering a place to start-up.  Nevertheless, the most valuable thing about this session is really learning what variables are rising in high risk sites.                                         Start-up...  Read More
Parking Matters
Sure, demographic character, competition, accessibility, and visibility are going to be forever aspects of finding the perfect place to put a practice.  But in many locations, we are seeing a rising crisis regarding parking.  How much space is enough?  How far from the office should it be?  What...  Read More
Monumental Mistakes in Dental Careers
One of the advantages of being more experienced in life (and I mean by that: Older) is you can look back at your mistakes and share the errors with others who have similarly been through a rough time.  The disadvantage is that you cannot really go back and fix all the dumb things you did.   This...  Read More
Natural Disasters and Great Practice Locations
G                                        Natural Disasters and Great  Practice Locations                            Given the demographic and cultural nature of this nature, finding a place to practice that is in the recovery phase may be a great idea.  Oddly, population size, employment, and...  Read More
Virtues of Changing Locations
We don't often discuss it in dental practice management but the research shows definitively, that making a change, particularly a visible change, can do a great deal to build up the enthusiasm for the practice.  Yup, it goes right to the bottom-line and can be a great shot-in-the-arm to grow the...  Read More
Analysis; Not Numbers Alone!
This episode is a bit of an expose on where companies who offer demographic reports get their information, what makes them different from each other, and what you should expect from the sources of data.  Not all databases on competition are the same!   I deal with the dangers of using a...  Read More
The Biggest Lie in Dentistry Revisited
                                       Biggest Lie in Dentistry                            I feel just awful having to tell you this but some of core messages  you heard in dental school and even in continuing education is a lie.  You were told this to purchase dental equipment and to attend...  Read More
The Virtues of Urban Sprawl and Dental Locations
                                       Virtues of Urban Sprawl and Dental Pracitce                            The idea of being in a highly urbanized setting has been a popular idea in theory.  But when it comes to "practice" in a downtown area is turning out to be a not-so-good idea when we...  Read More
I am BIG!  When your want a huge practice.
                                       I am BIG!                            When you want a huge, multi-office practice.  Read More
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