Dental Practice Sales MLS
Dental Practice Sales MLS
Real Estate has primarily adopted a very successful way of marketing properties under their MLS system. I believe Dental Practice Sales has been left behind and there is an opportunity to bring the same success with dental practice brokers.
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Aspen Opens at Walgreens
Aspen opens at Walgreens. Is this the end of Private Practice Dentistry?I read the article below that starts with this:There is a national movement in the United States to expand access to affordable and quality oral health services, and that movement is gaining strength.I wonder how much Walgreens...  Read More
How to know it's really time to sell your practice
by How to know it's really time to sell your practiceHow to know its really time to sell your practice and how you can help ensure you get what it is worth. Delaying selling too long can drastically decrease the money you get for your practice AND make it harder to find someone to buy your...  Read More
Sell and continue to practice more profitably by merging with a more modern office
Sell and continue to practice more profitably by merging with a more modern officeby Posted on July 12, 2018Many dentists will cut their hours after many years of working tirelessly. As they do so their profit margins shrink as overhead eats up a higher percentage of their revenues. There is no...  Read More
How much is your dental practice worth?
If you want to know what your practice is worth you can use our online practice appraisal tool, enter some info, answer a few questions and receive the answer in seconds. Just click this link to run the tool   Read More
Are You Considering Selling Your Dental Practice?
Are You Considering Selling Your Dental Practice?When is it time to sell ?  Are you still excited about investing in your practice? If yes, you are probably not reading this article. If no, there are an endless supply of recent grads who are anxious to invest big money in their new practice. Yes,...  Read More
	How much is a dental practice worth?
How much is a dental practice worth?That question occurs to many dentists as they approach a time in their careers when they are considering  selling their practices. You need to plan an exit strategy in advance !The New Owner can Build it up EasyI hear this all the time. The seller dentist says...  Read More
Dental Practice Broker MLS
Most Dental Practice Brokers run stand alone companies that do not collaborate with other dental practice brokers. This is how things were in real estate 20 years ago when real estate brokers signed up Sellers to Exclusive Right to Sell contracts and did not work with other Brokers. Today, most...  Read More

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