UnAdvertising: New Patient Marketing
UnAdvertising: New Patient Marketing
Helmut Flasch, founder of the Un-Advertising marketing concepts, provides insights on how to increase new patients without relying on traditional advertising and without spending a lot of time. http://www.UnAdvertise.com
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How To Be In The Media As An Expert?
How do you make yourself known in the community as being a trusted person? There is a reason why some people are on television as an expert with their “two cents opinion” when others are not. That is the knowledge on how to manufacture the news. How to give the newspaper editor, or reporter or the...  Read More
How to Get New Customer Calls (Not Just Clicks to a Website)
A doctor from Chicago has told me that he had spent $3000 to $4000 a month on pay-per-clicks with Google.There are a tremendous number of CLICKS to the website but conversion to appointments is a problem. Another business owner told me he was spending $2000 a month on Facebook ads which got him...  Read More
Differentiate Yourself By NOT Tooting Your Own Horn
What works in marketing? They say that the most important thing in real estate is location, location, location. Well maybe that's true, but when it comes to marketing, when it comes to attracting more new clients, more new patients, the key is: differentiation, differentiation, differentiation. ...  Read More
Un-Advertising Brings Marketing to Life
For those who are not familiar with Un-Advertising, it is a program of increasing new patient/customers traffic without depending on traditional ads. It is applicable to all industries even beyond the healthcare field. Our program delivers new customers/patients without you trying to "toot your...  Read More
Two Ways Work Will Get Done
There is only one of two ways any work will ever get done: 1) You do it yourself. 2) You hire other people to do the job. Depending on the circumstances there is no one way which is better. For example: You can clean your own home or you can hire someone. Depending on what money you make in...  Read More
The Best Business Insurance
Let's think about the very, very, very best business life insurance you can possibly get. In fact, I believe it is the only business life insurance you can get.  Let's right away define “business life insurance.” This type of insurance, I am going to write about, is keeping your business alive at...  Read More
Too busy to even think?
This is the situation which you and I probably run into constantly: we are “too busy” solving the problems of today to re-evaluate the effectiveness of what we do.  There are many examples in life.  A patient is "too busy" to get a regular health visit and thus does not visit a doctor or dentist's...  Read More
Get Featured in the Media - Without Advertising
I have received lots of inquiries from practice owners asking myself and my staff about how to get featured in the news.  Many people have known about my company for the strategy of "Un-Advertising" -- which means how to get other people to toot the horn for you, instead of you tooting your own...  Read More
Dental Town's Howard Farran Interview with Helmut Flasch
Just had the privilege of being interviewed by Dental Town's own Howard Farran! We delved into the topics of business, marketing, and reasons why so many people don't succeed with getting patients to come to their practice. The interview is very interesting and you can listen to the FULL interview...  Read More
The Importance of Speed in Marketing
Successful marketing has to be done just right by balancing everything together at the right pace and speed. Watch this video to find out why speed is so important in marketing, and how to use this concept for turning internet traffic into actual new patients. Find more information here: ...  Read More
Traffic Store
There is a store where you can buy traffic; a traffic of new patients. Referral Business does not work like they used to thirty years ago. Organic SEO is when your name or business comes up in a search without having to pay for it. However, it should not be the primary strategy in gaining new...  Read More
Too Few Dental Chairs To Increase Your Production?
How do you solve the problem that you might need additional office space? A second office might not the best solution for your business due to a variety of reasons, such as location, expenses, etc. You can extend your office hours to your patients during the evening and weekend hours. You can...  Read More
Hiring A Dentist Or Hygienist
Hiring a dentist works out very well for many practices. On average, there are more dentists than there are more hygienists. A dentist can perform more work than a hygienist. A dentist can perform both the work of a dentist and hygienist while a hygienist can only perform the work of his or her...  Read More
A Calculation For Your Take Home Profit
The calculations of your profit margin are different according to your type of business. Percentages are relatives: 100% of a person’s money could be less than 1% of another. It’s easy to make money using the correct marketing principles. The money made from gaining new patients is...  Read More
The Second Business Which You Never Know You Have
Most doctors forgot, or never knew, that you do not own one but two distinctively different businesses and yet are running it as one. This amounts to the same catastrophic magnitude as administering the same medicine to two children from the same family while having taken only one child's vital...  Read More
Do You Need To Like Your Marketing
What is professional marketing? If your advertising is focused more on design than results, it isn’t professional. In order to get new patients for your dental practice, try the Un-Advertising approach. It isn’t like traditional advertising; it’s a community-oriented,...  Read More
The Best Business Insurance
Marketing is the best life insurance that you can get to insure the health of your business. Un-Advertising employs storytelling and community-oriented strategies to get dental new patients through your door at a steady and controllable rate. It isn’t traditional advertising; it is a...  Read More
When the Economy is Tough ...
Some doctors are reluctant to do marketing during an unfavorable economic period, but your business doesn’t have to suffer just because economics are tough. Even a good economy does not guarantee success in business! Giving up on marketing will give you even worse results. Learn about dental...  Read More
The THREE Biggest Mistakes That Reduce Conversion of Web Visitors Into Patients
A dentist from San Diego CA spoke to me about his internet strategy of how he would drive visitors to his website through Google ads and social media postings. However, the conversion of web visitors to new patients remain very low. There are only several appointment requests a month. Another...  Read More
Mistakes And Miscalculations In Marketing
When it comes to marketing, many business owners simply do not get the math right! The common mistakes that prevent them from expanding their business also cause them to lose money. Find out how to properly correlate the relationship between money invested in marketing versus the profits from...  Read More
Marketing is often done poorly, with not enough effort and time invested. Many business owners assume that they know marketing concepts well enough to proceed alone. So, they makeshift their own marketing strategies, assign staff members who have no marketing skills, and then they become...  Read More
How To Realize The Full Potential And Success In Your Profession
Small business owners, dentists, and doctors completely disrespect the technology/knowledge of marketing. They are so highly educated in one medical area, but that is not enough anymore to bring out the full potential of their profession. They think they know marketing very well, and they...  Read More
Many business owners make this common mistake - they don't use marketing to build a large new patient base for their practice. You don't have to know everything about marketing, but there are some very important components, and knowing only a little helps a lot! Learn about the principles of...  Read More
Providing the best medical services to Americans is very important to keep America strong. However, many doctors struggle to supply their patients with the best, technologically advanced, quality care. Healthcare and dental professionals need special resources specific to their practice to better...  Read More
Helmut Flasch speaking of ways to help you be more resourceful. Learn how to be more resourceful with your marketing techniques regardless of limited resources available to you, such as limited finances. Being more resourceful can help you maintain a positive attitude and help you manage all the...  Read More
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