Keep Up With The Times By Building Your Online Presence
  An Interview With Dr. Melissa Zettler on Dental Practice Growth I recently had the chance to interview Dr. Melissa Zettler who is the owner of  in Savage Minnesota. Dr. Zettler is an extremely experienced dentist with a very successful practice. Let’s jump right into the interview and see what...  Read More
Should You Hire a Dental Consultant to Help Grow Your Practice
Should You Hire a Dental Consultant for Practice Growth You have likely heard this question a dozen times or more. You've possibly even asked yourself this question. I know I have asked myself this question for our practice even though I used to be a dental consultant. The truth is, it is a...  Read More
Offer Advanced Dental Procedures to Simplify Things for Your Patients
Fast Track Your Practice Growth by Offering More Procedures In-House When many dentists approach practice growth, they immediately start at new patients. While more new patients is definitely an approach to growing your dental practice, it is really only one factor in the equation. When I used to...  Read More
Be in Charge of the Direction Your Practice is Heading
Dr. Tracey Nguyen is the owner of . She has been successfully building her practice since 2005. Her growth strategies allowed her to grow her practice by more than 120% in a three-year time frame, so obviously, I was excited to get to know a bit more about her practice. Having said that, let's jump...  Read More
Due Diligence and Relying on Your Peers for Successful Marketing Efforts
Dr. Lanette Sikes is the owner of Downtown Dental Excellence. She is an exceptional dentist and was kind enough to sit down and provide me with some info on how she has grown an amazing practice over the last 20 years. You can learn more about Dr. Sikes and her practice at . I'm excited to share...  Read More
Evaluating Potential Practices for Purchase
Typically I interview dentists who have accomplished exceptional numbers in terms of marketing, but today I wanted to take a slightly different route and interview someone who is just getting into practice ownership. Dr. Ed Schrader, who recently purchased  in Mobile, AL, was kind enough to answer...  Read More
Make Your Patients Feel Special to Improve Your Internal Referrals
Dr. Afifi is the owner of , in Seattle, Washington. He has been operating his fee for service practice in more than 30 years. Seattle is quite a competitive market, so when I see someone succeeding in attracting new patients to a fee for service practice in an area like this, my interest is...  Read More
Better Marketing Strategies Based on Patient Feedback
I sat down a few weeks ago with a highly respected dentist, Dr. Christopher Baer. Dr. Baer owns  and has developed several methods of successfully attracting patients over the years. Feel free to find out more about Dr. Baer by browsing his website, or you can read this highly informative interview...  Read More
Get Online to Grow Your Practice
I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Anna Abernathy who is the long-time practice owner of . She has been phenomenally successful in branding herself and her practice, and has been able to build a large, high-end practice in a large market. This means that when she takes the time to lay...  Read More
Leveraging Television Ads to Bring High End Patients
Marketing to Your Desired Patient Base I recently had the opportunity to ask a few questions to Dr. Sargon Lazarof who is the owner of  in the very competitive market of Encino, California. Encino is a suburb of Los Angeles, which is one of the most competitive dental markets in the United States....  Read More
Get Online Before You Retire - Advice From a 25 Year Practice Owner
You Are Never Too Old to Get Online I recently had the chance to interview Dr. Timothy Elloway who is a . His advice was simple and straight forward when it came down to growing a successful practice and maintaining it over the last 25+ years. Dr. Elloway, what are some marketing strategies that...  Read More
What a Semi-Retired Dentist and Practice Management Consultant Can Teach Us About Practice Growth
Dr. Stephenson, tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your background? I have lectured on computers in dentistry since 1986 and as you can imagine, there were not too many computers in dentistry back then. I have always really enjoyed it, and over the years that has morphed into practice...  Read More
How a Celebrity Orthodontist Grew Her Thriving Practice Through Social Media
Dr. Bobbi Peterson started her dental career as a general dentist. She worked for five years in general dentistry before deciding to become an orthodontist. She went back to school to specialize and has owned her own ortho practice in Brooklyn, NY since 2008, . Lessons From Starting as a General...  Read More
Go Above and Beyond With CE
How One Dentist Used CE to Grow His Practice I met Dr. Leonard Blanco a few years ago at a CE course here in the States. He is the owner of  in Brazil. I was amazed that Dr. Blanco would travel so far for a CE course. As I got to know Dr. Blanco a little better, it was clear that he took pride...  Read More
Become a Highly Rated Dental Practice
Obtaining Quality Reviews Will Help New Patient Flow (If You Can Be Found) It is probably no surprise to you that getting quality reviews is important. If your listing shows up in the maps section of Google and you have more reviews and better reviews than your competitor, you are likely going to...  Read More
Differentiate Your Dental Practice
Differentiate to Grow Your Dental Practice Dentistry is being commoditized on a daily basis. Don't believe me? Go check your mail box. Chances are high that you have a mailer from at least one dental office in there offering "amazing deals" on dentistry. When something becomes commoditized, the...  Read More
Building Your Dental Practice's Online Reputation We have all tried a number of different ways to get new patients through the door. Whether you send out mailers, use Google Adwords or work through internal referrals, you are putting effort into attracting new patients. I have had the opportunity...  Read More
Don't Over Complicate Your YouTube Videos
Provide Value With Videos I have found that dentists often over complicate videos. I was recently working with a friend who is a on providing some content marketing. I suggested making some videos to add to their YouTube channel and then link to their website. I received a call a few days later...  Read More
How a Dental Hygienist Can Help Increase Patient Flow
How a Dental Hygienist Can Increase New Patient Flow As a dental hygienist, there is more that you can do to increase new patient flow than you may think. Aside from being awesome and having everyone want to send their friends to see you, there are a couple other things that you can do. In a...  Read More
How to Become an Irreplaceable Hygienist? Let's be honest, we all want to be irreplaceable. The question is, what can a hygienist do to become so valuable that the dentist would not dare replace them? If your lucky, it might just get you a raise at the same time. You might be wondering why you...  Read More

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