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The Evolution of Organizational Anarchy
To be completely honest, there was a time, early in my career, when I rejected the idea of establishing practice values and a practice vision. The whole idea struck me as being some kind of “hocus-pocus.” “Don’t waste my time!” and “Let’s talk about what really matters,” I told my first practice...  Read More
Organizational Transformation Begins at the Top
I recently spoke at a major dental meeting. My topic was leadership and organizational transformation. The official meeting program categorized my presentation under the track heading of “Doctors and Staff.” I wasn’t overly surprised by the disproportionate number of staff to doctors in attendance...  Read More
Line of Sight Leadership
On Sunday, May 6th, I will be presenting at the  and wanted to share an excerpt from my presentation on leadership. An article, published in a 2000 edition of the Journal of the American Dental Association, states the following: “An overwhelming percentage of dentists report that staff-related...  Read More
Rules for Giving and Receiving Feedback
Feedback, both positive and remedial, can be a powerful tool for developing people and enhancing the performance of organizational teams. However, when used improperly, feedback can become a demoralizing and dehumanizing weapon that destroys teams. Given this distinction, it would be wise for all...  Read More
It All Boils Down to Abundance
Out of curiosity, I went to Amazon online and searched under the title “leadership books.” I guess I was moderately surprised that there were over 200,000 possible choices. Being an avid student of leadership for over ten years now, I have read extensively on this subject (not quite 200,000...  Read More
The story goes like this…
A doctor was struggling with the realities of life. Having a family and a busy dental practice, he was feeling overwhelmed by the opposing demands of both. For the past several years, he has been experiencing a feeling that his life was spiraling out of control and that he no longer dictated the...  Read More
Achieve a “Personal Best” by Expanding Your Comfort Zone
Achieving a “personal best” is a milestone for an athlete. It validates the exceptional effort required to achieve the desired reward. Most athletes will admit that achieving a personal best doesn’t come easily and requires more than physical training.  Yes, the physical element is important, but...  Read More
This Leadership Trait Will Bring You More Success
Bill George, in his bestselling book, “True North,” describes a process that he calls “integration.” This is the process through which one discovers their authentic self and masters the art of being that same authentic self in each aspect of their life – work, family, friends, and community....  Read More
The Value of Staff Meetings
I am always amazed by the number of healthcare practices that fail to have regularly scheduled staff meetings. When the doctors are questioned about this practice, they will usually use the excuse that they are too busy for regularly scheduled meetings or they have tried staff meetings in the...  Read More
A Critical Distinction: Problem Solver vs. People Developer
I often encounter doctor clients who are frustrated by their team’s lack of ability to achieve a pre-defined, desired result. The scenario goes something like this. Coach:  I hear that you are frustrated. Give me more detail. Doctor: Okay. Well, no matter how many times I tell my staff what I want...  Read More
The following excerpt is from my book, “Face to Face: A Leadership Guide for Healthcare Professionals and Entrepreneurs.” This excerpt speaks above rising above your fear. As Parker Palmer states, it is through our vulnerability to doubt, despair, and feel pain that we are able to experience the...  Read More
A Good Dentist is more than Good Dental Procedures
Please read on if you think a dentist only sells a product. In the end, the world’s greatest crown, filling, or endodontic procedure fail to compare to the experience we provide for our patients. The experience is what compels patients to stay for a lifetime while referring their friends and...  Read More
Transactional Versus Transformational Leadership
I’ve heard it said many times that the best team members are those that are able to place the needs of their organization above their own personal needs. I understand this concept but I fail to see this happening in the real world in which I exist. Can we really expect our valued team members to...  Read More
Words of Wisdom from Sully Sullenberger
This excerpt was sent to me by a close friend. It is from an interview in with USAFA graduate, Sully Sullenberger, US Airways pilot, who, in 2009, landed his powerless A320 in the Hudson River without loss of life, following a bird strike out of LaGuardia Airport. My purpose for sharing this...  Read More
Maximizing our ROC (Return on Culture)
I had the pleasure of visiting with my friend, Jack Hadley, recently at the Endodontic Opinion Leader’s Forum. Jack is a social media guru and owner of My Social Practice. We got into a discussion of branding in the healthcare industry, specifically relating to clinical healthcare practices....  Read More
Five Powerful Leadership and Culture Building Statements
Edgar Schein, a noted authority on the subject of organizational culture, has stated that the primary job of a leader is to establish an organization’s culture. A Five Powerful Leadership and Culture Building Statements organizational culture is considered to be the guiding principles that...  Read More
What We Don’t Know Continues to Hurt Us
Extensive research into behavioral change has identified various stages that lead to purposeful and sustainable behavior modification. The transtheoretical model (Prochaska & Velicer, 1997) of behavioral change describes an initial stage of “precontemplation” in which a person is...  Read More
Expect Success
Some fifty plus years ago, noted psychologist and researcher Robert Rosenthal conducted a seminal research study on the self-fulfilling nature of a teacher’s expectations for their students. Students in a California elementary school were administered IQ tests before the experiment. The...  Read More
A Lesson in Wisdom
My family mourns the loss of my mother, who passed away this last week. Mom was an amazing person who inspired many people. She was the living definition of true grit. She was forced to withdraw from college during her freshman year at Akron University to join the workforce, while my father joined...  Read More
Creating a Culture of Accountability
From a coach’s perspective, it seems that the healthcare industry is in the midst of an accountability crisis. Lack of accountability within clinical healthcare practices has created significant frustration and concern for doctor/owners, and has become one of the primary reasons doctors seek...  Read More
Balance and Making Time
All too often I hear my clients share with me how they struggle with “finding time” to do the things they truly love or how they can find time to spend with the people who are most special in their life. It seems that we are always in conflict; our business and financial obligations...  Read More
Team Leadership
What kind of leadership are you providing? If you’re the leader within a small business, a mid-sized one, or a large corporation, you have to be equipped to lead a multitude of personalities on your team. Leadership can be unpredictable. Over the course of history – nations,...  Read More
The Value of Thought for Leadership
If you know me well enough, you have likely heard me say that leaders of extraordinary practices think in exceptional ways. I am firmly convinced that the difference between a mediocre and wildly successful clinical practice lies in the mind of the owner. Unlike other practice owners, highly...  Read More
Core Values – Business Jargon or Real Direction?
The best and most essential way to create a positive, interactive dental workplace is by creating a critically important document; your organization’s Core Values. To some, this task may seem foolish, a waste of time, and just more ridiculous business jargon. To others, this challenge may...  Read More
Decision-Making is Critical When Running a Business
Improve Your Decision-Making When You Use a Business Coach In the wildly popular television series “House of Cards”, Kevin Spacey plays the role of president Frank Underwood; a smart, cunning, and ruthless politician. As the story unfolds, President Underwood is faced with many...  Read More
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