Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast (
Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast (
This teaches the best practices for cash flow, recurring revenue, Membership plans, PPO Fee negotiation, insurance best practices, marketing, reducing your dependence on dental insurance and building a fee for service practice.
Jordon Comstock

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111: How Walt Disney Would Run A Dental Practice with Penny Reed
I absolutely LOVE Penny Reed! She always takes time to craft the best content for our podcast and for her live events! I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did - Jordon Penny Reed is a dental practice speaker, coach, and author of the book Growing Your Dental Business. She coaches dentists...  Read More
110: Why your dental membership program is failing!
In this episode Jordon Comstock and Genevieve Poppe talk about the Insurance anonymous event as well as why your dental membership program is failing and what to do about it. 110   Read More
109: Chat more to grow your practice!
Since the internet was created the world has become a much smaller place. The vast majority of the American public use technology as a means to make life or work more efficient. Despite the advances in technology, online chatting with patients still seems to be a foreign concept in dentistry....  Read More
108: Being a Serial Entrepreneur with Elijah Desmond
Elijah is a flat out go-getter. He owns , and recently published a book called “Serial Entrepreneur: From Startup to Success” which you can find on Amazon. Simply said, he’s a marketing genius and has a drive to find success. During this episode Elijah talks about his “why” and how he found it at...  Read More
107: The Value of Predictable Recurring Revenue
In this episode We discuss the value of predictable recurring revenue in terms of a membership program and what the revenue stream does for practices and businesses. We also talk about how to increase value for you practice. About Trent Read: - Part owner / Partner of Economics Partners 2014 -...  Read More
106: Staying out of Prison with Roy Shleburne
  106 Dr. Shelburne, an honor graduate from VCU’s Dental school, opened a private general practice in Pennington Gap, Virginia in 1981. In 2008, he surrendered his dental license to practice dentistry after being convicted of healthcare fraud and was sentenced to 24 months in Federal Prison....  Read More
105: Dropping PPOs, Marketing & Membership Plans with Alex Nudel
Alex Nudel, founder at RevenueWell, has more than 20 years of experience as a recognized dental industry speaker, practice growth specialist, successful practice owner, and digital entrepreneur. As a dental practice owner, he realized the need for an easy way to handle the routine communications...  Read More
104: How to get more patients with the right messaging with Kevin White
Kevin is a well known digital consultant in the dental industry. Thousands of dental practices call him the “go-to” professional for coaching and training. He is widely active with local and state dental organizations and societies. Kevin is creative, innovative and is very business savvy, and he...  Read More
103: Insurance Reference Guides and Pre-Auths we all like to ignore, with Melissa Dunham
The truth is, we shouldn't be ignoring these reference guides. Dental Reference Guides are available to every dentist whether you participate with insurance or not. They serve as a guide on what each insurance carriers cover, what they downgrade to, and what their policies are for certain billable...  Read More
102: Reviews! Reviews! Reviews! - With Craig Daly of Podium
Vice President of Healthcare for Podium +We work heavily in the dental space with the massive DSO’s to single location dentist.  +My education and experience has been primarily centered around psychology with a focus on customer and patient experience. Your website is no longer your front door,...  Read More
101: How to handle challenging phone calls - insurance questions and price shoppers with Katherine Belt
Katherine Eitel (Eye-Tell) Belt is an international speaker, communication coach, and the CEO of LionSpeak … a company dedicated to teaching un-scripted, consistently exceptional communication skills. Today, Katherine will show us how to create a crystal-clear message and inspire our patients and...  Read More
Celebrating 100 Episodes with Ben, Jordon and Papa Comstock :)
Kelly Comstock is Jordon Comstock's dad and the Owner of Salt Lake Dental Lab! He has been in dentistry for over 35 years. He is a influencer and authority for digital dentistry and has seen the positive changes in the industry. Kelly's full service lab has been in business since 1906 and continues...  Read More
99: Increase your profitability with Dental Intel
With thousands of active practice providers, Dental Intelligence is the market leader in providing dentists and their teams with any time, anywhere actionable metrics in a cloud-based dashboard, designed around the objectives of improving patient care, profitability, and overall team...  Read More
98: How to overcome unhappiness in your dental career with Mary Fisher Day
Mary Fisher-Day is a practice management coach and consultant and the founder of The Dental Business®. She is the author of The Dental Business; A Blueprint for Success; a well-received book in which she provides tools, resources and solutions for dental practice owners, future dental practice...  Read More
97: Insurance Anonymous Event - BOOM!
In this episode Jordon, Ben and Genevieve talk about our up coming event on November 2nd 2018 in Salt Lake City, Utah! We discuss the courses we will be teaching and make a lot of jokes about insurance! Register for our event here -  PROMO CODE: INSSUCKS 97   Read More
96: The importance of Patient recall with CallForce
Cory is the CEO of CallForce, a dental solutions company dedicated to helping dentists across the country succeed in their practices by helping them improve their overdue hygiene recall. When he’s not helping dentists out, he enjoys keeping active and loves to play golf and tennis in his spare...  Read More
95: Igniting People, Profits, and Performance with Bob Spiel
Since 1988, Bob Spiel has been helping businesses and practices achieve increased production, profitability and personal enjoyment. With an MBA in Finance and General Management and post graduate work at Stanford and Georgia Tech, Spiel Consulting was founded to leverage Bob's passion for...  Read More
94: Hanging out with Deana Zost with RevenueWell
Deana is a Regional Territory Manager for RevenueWell with over 26 years in dentistry (She was a HORRIBLE dental assistant for a year, but really great in the front office for 25 years!) She is a Fellow & Lifetime Member in the American Academy of Dental Office Management & a founding member of the...  Read More
93: Sleep Medicine and Medicare Policies with Glennine Varga
Glennine is a world class lecturer who is on factulty at some of the most prestigious continuing education organizations in the world. During this episode, she talks about medical billing and dental sleep medicine. She explains Medicare policies and how they are tied to sleep medicine. Glennine...  Read More
92: Ground Marketing, Strategic Partnerships & Leveraged Audiences to build your Practice
In this episode we share more ideas to help grow your practice and membership program. If you truly want to reduce dependence on dental insurance having a solid marketing plan is a a huge piece of the puzzle. Michael is the host of The Dental Marketer Podcast, one of the main writers/ contributors...  Read More
91: Having a fun & positive mindset with Kirk Behrent
Kirk Behrendt speaks and consults with dentists all over the world on how to create a Better Practice and a Better Life. As one of Dentistry’s Top Seminar Leaders and Online Education Platform Experts, Kirk has invested more than 23 years of his professional life optimizing the best systems and...  Read More
90: How to increase case acceptance with positive communication with Genevieve Poppe
Ms. Poppe has held many positions in the dental industry over the last 20+ years. Her expertise is proven by years of success in all aspects of practice operations. In addition to many years of clinical experience and practice management experience, Ms. Poppe has architected and facilitated...  Read More
89: Introducing the Dental Insurance Extravaganza with Christine Taxin
October 4th and 5th, 2018 will be the start of the industries biggest insurance conference. The Dental Insurance Extravaganza in Las Vegas. Please visit  to learn more. There will be a line up of dental professionals who understand dental insurance who will speak on a number of topics surrounding...  Read More
88: Dentists are doing their accounting wrong & how to fix it with Ben Dangel
Benjamin Dangel is a Staff Accountant at Hinrich and Pesavento. Our expertise goes far beyond financial advisement. H+P has been providing dental professionals with exceptional tax, accounting, and business strategy consulting since 2015. As the premier dental CPA firm in the Midwest, H+P’s vast...  Read More
87: Cultivating the “Why” in building a non-insurance driven practice with Dr. Alan Stern
Dr. Alan Stern has more than 36 years of experience as a dentist, in addition to an extensive background as a motivational speaker and life coach for dentists. Dr. Stern originally decided to become a dentist through his best friend’s father. His inspiration and sheer delight from dentistry...  Read More
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