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How To Open A Dental Office
How To Open A Dental Office
The #1 Resource for Practical Tips on Opening Your New Dental Office. Start-up Practices and Renovation Projects can be Smooth, Easy and Fun with the Right Knowledge. Discover The Best Tools and Connect with Others Who have Successful Knowledge.

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How dentists profit in real estate…without even ow Ever hear of Donald Trump? Everyone knows Trump’s initial wealth was created with real estate investments. And most of us know a few dentists who have done the...  Read More
This doctor reveals his Practice Acquisition PERSO Just a few short months ago, Dr. Shvartsman was confused, wondering if he should keep looking at all the old, tired practices for sale. He knew the typical process...  Read More
Corporate Dentistry vs Private Practice – who will If you’re even just a little concerned about the pressures on private practice, you’re wise. Doctors across the country tell us every week about the...  Read More
The Marketing Plan That Brings the MOST new patie Too much money is burned on the wrong marketing. And in this episode we’re showing you plans that DO work. No theory, just proven results that you can start using...  Read More
How To Buy A New Practice Have you ever asked yourself if you should buy or start up a dental practice? Well…you’re not alone. We get that question all of the time. Today learn when Jayme says it’s better to...  Read More
We’ve seen some doctors thrive and be deeply fulfilled in their startup practice (like this one ) …others will only be happy if they’re in the “fixer” mode of practice acquisition. My firm () has, ironically, advised many doctors to go the acquisition path...  Read More
True-Story JOURNEY: Associate…to unemployed…to HIG Success in Dentistry is easy…when you know what to do. Today you’re going to hear HOW Dr. Tuan Pham has reaches SUPERIOR SUCCESS with an AVERAGE...  Read More
Why so many startups FAIL Podcast Many people say that failure of a startup is less than 1 % Today, hear why Jayme publicly states this number is dead wrong. Failure for startups is much, much worse than that. Listen now...  Read More
Video Testimonials in YOUR Practice (When and how It’s a fact: Well-made video testimonials from patients can create amazing results for your patient marketing. Great videos can even act like a referral MACHINE for...  Read More
Own your own real estate with these warnings! Should I own my own real estate?? This is a question we get all of the time. Today you will learn: Is owning dental real estate the right path for you? A plan to help you...  Read More
.40 cents per New Patient... for startups AND exis What if you put a $1 in a machine and received $25,000 in return? ...and in the process you also got: a) your best new patient b) without ANY competition c) while getting...  Read More
How did this “famous” dentist build HIS practice? One of the most well-known and best-heard dentists in America is Dr. David Maloley. He is the host of the Relentless Dentist Podcast. ...and while...  Read More
1 Simple Tool to Triple your Results (in case pres How many patients would you have if you TRIPLED your marketing results? How would your profits look if you TRIPLED case acceptance? Hear directly from Jayme today and learn...  Read More
If you’ve ever wondered how the best dental designs are created, you’ll learn some of the best tips in today’s video. Today, you’ll learn: Why we use zones in our design process How to recognize a “zone” even in the middle of construction The 8...  Read More
15 Key Numbers and Trends for Today’s Profitable P There thousands of distracting issues in practice ownership, which are most important numbers for you to know? In today’s interview you’ll get precise...  Read More
Higher profits….without ANY new patients Sometimes, the easiest way to grow your practice is WITHOUT any new patients. Huh? Is Jayme losing his mind? Listen to this week’s podcast episode and hear how Jayme...  Read More
Now is the TIME! – “Crush It” with Tech, Colleague Today, you’ll hear directly from the founder of and sought-after speaker in Dental Schools across the country, Dr. David Rice. He has...  Read More
What Patients don’t know…WILL hurt YOU Doctor – It’s time to discover a new perspective on protecting your: 1) Reputation 2) Finances and 3) Legal liability Find out why Jayme thought he was...  Read More
Could you Startup and SELL a practice…while STILL Trick Question: Could you BUILD and SELL your first practice while still in dental school? Dr. Tom Larkin did just that. In this episode I talk with Dr. Larkin....  Read More
Rocky Balboa – The Answer to Your Practice Growth Today, you’ll learn some of the newest, most powerful tips to create a practice that attracts massive new patient flow. Hear 4 of secrets relevant for...  Read More
Could you Startup and SELL a practice…while STILL Trick Question: Could you BUILD and SELL your first practice while still in dental school? Dr. Tom Larkin did just that. In this episode I talk with Dr. Larkin....  Read More
Your entire financial future and career could be lost instantly. 4 Top Legal Issues for Dentists - Protect Your Fut It happens in legal situations every year for dentists. You can avoid this with the right protections in...  Read More
Investigate this explosive interview with Jerry Jones, the non-dentist dental office owner. Strategies for Patient Attraction, Retention and P You’ll hear the exposed truths about the State of Dentistry in...  Read More
Disaster Strikes in Dental: How a FIRE, Jayme’s DO This week’s episode shares some REAL LIFE STORIES of doctors who have dealt with major disasters. How will you be prepared? Do you know if you are, in fact,...  Read More
His Practice Burned to the Ground… How did He Rebu His practice burned to the ground. And insurance didn’t cover the bill. This is a story you may never forget. Dr. Chris Griffin now has a booming practice near...  Read More
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