The Cyber Tripwire
The Cyber Tripwire
This blog discusses the inherent cybersecurity risks of running a dental practice. What are the risks and what can you do to position yourself for success in the hostile cyber environment.
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Dan Gavin
Dan Gavin

Don't Come in Second... or First
Huge Fine:  Premera Blue Cross is the largest health plan in the Pacific Northwest.  They have the dubious reputation of coming in second.  In this case, they were fined the second-largest HIPAA fine to date - $6.9 million dollars.   The confidential information of over 10 million people were...  Read More
A Turkish Taxi or Going to the Cloud
Traveling:  Did you know that when you take a taxi cab in Turkey and there is an accident while you are in the car, then you, the passenger, are liable for the damages? Why? Because you hired the cab. That is what it means for your business when you “go to the cloud.” Businesses think the cloud...  Read More
Your Bluetooth is Showing
I’ll bet the Bluetooth on your phone is enabled right now. How you can tell: when you get in the car and it automatically switches to the hands-free option. This is how most people operate. It’s convenient. So, what is Bluetooth? It’s like Wi-Fi but for short distances and its built into nearly...  Read More
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