Dental Wealth Nation - I Believe That You Deserve True Wealth That Will Enable You To Thrive No Matter What Life Throws At You!
Dental Wealth Nation - I Believe That You Deserve True Wealth That Will Enable You To Thrive No Matter What Life Throws At You!
At Dental Wealth Nation, we believe you can build true wealth and thrive. We also believe you can do this quicker and with less effort than you ever thought possible. Let us show you how you can make even smarter decisions and thrive.
Timothy J McNeely CFP CIMA

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The Ultimate Guide to Comprehensive Exit Planning for Dental Entrepreneurs with Tim McNeely 0105
Looking to maximize your net worth and create a comprehensive exit plan for your dental practice? Join us on The Dental Wealth Nation Show with host Tim McNeely as we reveal hidden advice and strategies used by successful dental entrepreneurs. In this episode titled "The Ultimate Guide to...  Read More
How to Provide Impeccable Service While Maintaining Your Bottom Line with Chad Widensky 0104
Introduction: Welcome to another episode of The Dental Wealth Nation Show! In today's episode, we have a special guest, Chad Widensky, who will share valuable insights on providing impeccable service while ensuring a strong bottom line. Chad is a renowned expert in the dental industry and has a...  Read More
Why Your LinkedIn Profile Is Probably REPELLING Your Ideal Referral Partners with Tracy Enos 0103
Welcome to a brand new episode of The Dental Wealth Nation Show! In today's episode, we have a special guest, Tracy Enos, an expert in leveraging LinkedIn to attract ideal referral partners. Tracy will share valuable insights on why your LinkedIn profile might be repelling potential partners and...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
Why Dental Entrepreneurs Should Stress Test Their Wealth Plans with Tim McNeely 0102
Uncover True Wealth: Why Dental Entrepreneurs Should Stress Test Their Wealth Plans Key Takeaways:             Stress testing is not just a financial tool; it’s a wealth optimization strategy that aligns with your entrepreneurial vision.             As the dental industry evolves and your...  Read More
It May Be Time To Give Your Wealth Plan a Stress Test
One of the best plans to take from the financial playbook of the Super Rich—those with a net worth of $500 million or more—is to work with professionals to help manage your financial and lifestyle concerns.  But, as the Super Rich know, you can’t stop there. We also need to regularly assess whether...  Read More
Greetings, dental entrepreneurs! If you're reading this, you're likely driven by a vision that extends beyond the four walls of your dental practice. You're not just a healthcare provider; you're a business owner, a visionary, and, perhaps, the founder of a family enterprise. But have you ever...  Read More
0100 Elevating Patient Care and Practice Synergy with Ella Mullokandova
Introduction: Welcome back to The Dental Wealth Nation Show, where we explore the latest trends, strategies, and insights to help dental practices thrive. In this episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing the renowned dental expert, Ella Mullokandova, to discuss the importance of elevating...  Read More
Join us as we dive deep into the world of dental insurance and A/R management with the expert Bri Richardson. Bri, who began her career in 2009 and now owns Elevate My Practice, LLC and Dental Insurance SOS, is here to unravel the complexities of dental insurance and how you can leverage it to...  Read More
Welcome back to another exciting episode of The Dental Wealth Nation Show! In today's episode, titled "How to Build Your Personal Brand," we have the pleasure of hosting a very special guest, Sara Ruberg. Sara takes us on a captivating journey as she shares her experiences and insights on...  Read More
Are you a dentist wondering whether to build or buy a practice? Join the Dental Wealth Nation Show with Al Galvis as he tackles this important question and provides valuable insights for dentists looking to take their career to the next level. In this episode, Al discusses the pros and cons of...  Read More
Welcome to The Dental Wealth Nation Show, where we dive deep into the world of dental practice acquisitions! In episode 0061, join our hosts Intro Guy and Tim McNeely as they sit down with the knowledgeable and experienced guest, Levi Barlavi, to discuss the topic of "Buying a Dental Practice with...  Read More
In this episode of Dental Wealth Nation, join us as we delve into the world of building an investment grade dental practice with esteemed guest Victoria Peterson. As CEO and co-founder of the Deductive Dentist Academy, Victoria brings over 30 years of experience as a dental entrepreneur and a...  Read More
0098 Dental M&A Environment - How Did we Get Here and Where are we Going with Kevin Cumbus
Tune in to the latest episode of The Dental Wealth Nation Show, where we delve into the dynamic world of Dental Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). Our guest for this episode is Kevin Cumbus, President of Tusk Partners, a seasoned dental broker with over a decade of experience in the dental industry....  Read More
Five Big In-Retirement Money Mistakes—and How To Avoid Them
Chances are, planning for retirement is one of the most important steps—a series of steps, really—that you’ll undertake in your life. Unfortunately, we don’t always put enough focus on making thoughtful decisions during our retirement. Maybe we overlook something important. Perhaps we veer off...  Read More
It’s Time To Address the Financial Literacy Problem. Here’s How.
The percentage of American adults with strong financial literacy—the ability to understand various financial-related concepts and put them to use—has fallen to historically low levels in recent years.   One example: Just 34 percent of adults showed high levels of financial literacy in 2018—down...  Read More
Five Big Asset Protection Planning Mistakes—and How To Avoid Them
If you have substantial assets, you may be a target for frivolous lawsuits. That’s why it’s so important to consider asset protection strategies that can create barriers to protecting your wealth. Asset protection planning employs legally accepted concepts and strategies, as well as specific...  Read More
Solo After 50: Navigating a “Gray Divorce”
Bill and Melinda Gates weren’t a typical couple. But they are part of an increasingly common trend: divorce among people over the age of 50. “Gray divorces” among older and (usually) long-married couples have been on the rise for some time. While the divorce rate is falling among younger...  Read More
What Are Your Biggest Financial Concerns?
It goes without saying that you play a crucial role in making the decisions that will determine whether you will achieve your financial dreams. That’s why it makes sense to have great clarity about the specific financial issues and concerns that are most important to you and the people you care...  Read More
You Can Make It, But Can You Keep It? with Wesley Sierk
P.S. Have you gotten a copy of "Dental Wealth Nation" yet? This must-read book is available for purchase on Amazon, or I'll send you a free copy – just pay for shipping!  Get your book  and embark on your journey to dental wealth success.   Read More
0081 Unlocking Dental Practice Success: Insights on Buying vs. Building from Michael Dinsio
Welcome back to another exciting episode of The Dental Wealth Nation Show! In today's episode, titled "Buy or Build, which is right for you?", we have a special guest joining us. Please give a warm welcome to Michael Dinsio, a dental practice broker with a wealth of knowledge and experience in...  Read More
When Financial Uncertainty Rears Its Ugly Head
Major unexpected challenges can occur at any time. A sudden job loss, a terminal diagnosis or death, a lawsuit directed at you, or a disaster that wrecks your property may cause significant distress that puts your financial future in question. And while having significant savings or an extensive...  Read More
Discover the secret to building serious wealth and reaching your financial goals with our research-backed Billionaire Money Rules! ?? In this video, we share the key attitudes and strategies that self-made billionaires adopt to achieve and sustain their wealth. ?? As a dentist, you're the CEO of...  Read More
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