Open source dental software - Blender 2.8 with add-ons
Open source dental software - Blender 2.8 with add-ons
Use the free open source Blender 2.8 plus the Blenderfordental add-ons to easily design your 3D dental models ready for printing. The Model Designer module has no licence fees, no dongles. Use at a fraction of the cost of conventional dental software

Logo Designer simply stunning!
Impress your clients with your own stunning logo. Built for simplicity, the Logo Designer will have you amazed at what you can do.  With a push of a few buttons your logo can be incorporated into the sides of the model, or even in the honeycomb section of the base.  All instructions are...  Read More
Study Models are awesome!
You asked - we delivered.  We've incorporated a Study Model feature into our Model Designer module.   With the click of just three buttons, you will be able to construct an orthodontic study model base for your dental model, which not only can be hollowed out, but also aligns with international...  Read More
Blender 2.8 add-ons - Dental CAD modules
There is a genuine need for dental CAD software which is less expensive and free from annual licence fees.  If you have ever thought of using Blender for your digital work, but you are simply overwhelmed by the whole experience, there is a pretty simple solution. Blenderfordental add-ons are...  Read More

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