Data Diligence
Data Diligence
Tips for the data-dependent dentist. From HIPAA regulations to ransomware worries, read about how you can protect your practice's precious data.
Central Data Storage

Central Data Storage has been granted the Nebraska Innovation Fund Prototype Grant
If you’re a fan of Nebraska small businesses and are looking for a modern way to shield your sensitive files and messages from lurking cyber attackers, we’ve got big news! We’re Central Data Storage (CDS), a software company out of Lincoln, Nebraska, and a Silicon Prairie standout in cloud backup...  Read More
Can Your Business Keep Moving Forward After a Data Disaster?
Running a business is more than setting your own schedule and crushing it daily. It’s hard!  In the world of business, it seems you’ve either lost your data or will lose your data. Considering , it’s a good idea to have one! A successful business is a compilation of hard work and lessons learned,...  Read More
Why Businesses Need to Prepare for Ransomware Attacks
Even in the dead of summer, the mere mention of the word “ransomware” can bring a chill to the room. A ransomware attack is an omnipresent foe that can freeze you out of your computer and business-critical data, leaving you in a treacherous business continuity predicament. As a business owner,...  Read More
The Wild World of HIPAA
You know that feeling when you watch your Jenga tower start to wobble and lean, and you know it’s going down? Imagine your dental practice is like a tower of Jenga blocks. It’s rarely the top block that causes the tower to come crashing down, often it’s a block toward the bottom that causes a whole...  Read More
How to Make Sure Your Data Can Weather the Weather
In today’s digital age, it’s easier than ever for your small business to produce bundles of precious data every day. From emails to calendars, accounting files, and electronic health records - it’s all digital and optimized for efficiency. Since a modern-day small business likely leans heavily on...  Read More

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