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Here we post advice for Employers and Job Seekers to help fill the ever-growing demand for qualified dental professionals. Check back here often for advice on hiring, staying HR compliant (in California) and all things dental employment related.

What dental professionals need (from you) to reopen your practice
Dental professionals are eager to get back to work, but at the same time want to keep themselves and their families safe.  We’ve listened and assembled a list of tips based on what is being said by many of those working in the dental field.   What dental professionals need to reopen your practice....  Read More
6 Steps to Close Your Dental Practice During a Pandemic - COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
At 11 PM last night the California Dental Association (CDA), sent out a  urging California dental practices to “voluntarily suspend nonessential or non-urgent dental care for the next 14 days.” This comes as Gov. Newsom declares a State of Emergency due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak....  Read More
How to get more 5 star reviews
In a  that was published this summer, 1500 people were surveyed to find that 43.3% select their dentist based on online reviews. This was followed by: Closest to me at 19.4% and top-ranked in the search result at 18.4%. What does this mean?  That more people are choosing their new dental...  Read More
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How to improve the attendance of your dental employees
In one of the various dental groups I follow on Facebook, a very good question came up.   Karla asked “It seems every single day we have 1 or 2 dental assistants call out for various reasons… sickness, sick kids, doctor appts, lack of sleep, etc…  How do we enforce our attendance policy without...  Read More
Make Your New Dental Employee Stick
Let me know if this scenario sounds familiar?   You have been searching for the perfect Dental Hygienist or Dental Assistant to hire and you finally find one.  The interview and working interview was great, they accepted your offer and you are your team are thrilled to finally be complete....  Read More
How to better understand your dental staff
Certainly, there are several times during the day when your Dental Assistant or Office Manager says something and you think “Where the heck did they hear that?”  Staying up to date on what your staff is reading and what they are being told about the dental field is very important.  The labor laws,...  Read More
Help your employees understand their benefits
Most dental professionals are looking for a dental job that includes benefits in some capacity.  Whether that includes Paid-Time-Off (PTO), Health Insurance or a Retirement plan, receiving any or all of these is wonderful and add great value to your position. In this post we breakdown the costs...  Read More
The Interview Question you need to ask Dental Assistants
Looking to improve your dental office team?   Finding qualified dental staff is challenging in  So we are here to offer some helpful advice.   Adding one interview question to your screening process can help you weed out mediocre assistants and lead you to uncover a fantastic candidate! You can...  Read More
The employment laws in California are ever changing and while the demand for dental temps in increasing, it has become more difficult for Dental Offices to employ dental temps. Have no fear!  We are here to help!  This post takes a quick look at how to work around the system. We want to start...  Read More
If you have been struggling to get qualified Dental Assistants to apply to your job, you are not alone. With the dental field continuing to grow, Dental Assistants have more work options than ever before.   Gone are the days of posting your job on Craigslist and having a flood of Dental Assistant...  Read More

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