Alan Halls DMD
Alan Halls DMD
As a dentist and software developer, I often get asked technical questions regarding how technology can help an office overcome certain challenges, as well as advice regarding hardware and software for their office. Enjoy and comment.
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This topic came up on Facebook and after a few days and over 100 comments, I was asked to weigh in. Some people thought you would need $10 million, others $40k. Here are my thoughts.  Here would be my basic gameplan that ignores financial considerations since different companies or individuals...  Read More
This is perhaps one of the top concerns for many offices looking at sign up with , and I completely understand. Let me address this in the best way I can. The short version is that through experience and leveraging technology, ReminderDental minimized overhead in every area that didn’t affect...  Read More
Your Unexpected Business Partner
Most companies overestimate THEIR value to YOUR business and inadvertently you become an unwitting partner with them, while they are the silent partner with no risk and all the benefits.  How often have you heard this sales pitch: "Using this new $20,000 widget / technique, you can save 20 minutes...  Read More
ReminderDental is giving away 4 free months of service to new dental offices with no contracts, no itemized billing, just flat rate $50/month pricing!  Last week I was spending 6 hours a day doing personal demos with new offices. Realizing that can only scale so far, I decided a short video would...  Read More
Part 4 - Integration This is an important section, because it controls which options are available to you when wanting to add new functionality to your practice. The more open a software is, the more likely you are to find solutions. The more solutions exist for you, the more price competitive they...  Read More
This is the big one to me, really it is the reason for the series. First let me break down which PMS systems use which database engines. You can think of an engine as the difference between choosing Microsoft Word over Corel Wordperfect, or FrameMaker – They all do the same job, some better than...  Read More
Part 2 - How data is organized, and the consequences Because of there is a limited number of things to store, all systems store pretty much the same info, but HOW they store it creates some interesting situations. Appointments VS Procedures OpenDental and EagleSoft both store Procedures in...  Read More
As I have been adding additional practice management software packages to the supported list for , I have had some thoughts I wanted to share. These posts may be updated from time to time as I work with additional PMS systems. When choosing a practice management software (PMS), you may be tempted...  Read More

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