SmartPractice Announces Expanded Line of Patient Supply Bags

Posted: May 14, 2020
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PHOENIX—SmartPractice, a global distributor of health care communications and practice marketing materials, announced an expanded line of patient supply bags with over 900 coordinated designs in paper and plastic materials. 

The company is making it possible for health care offices to have the same design on their choice of a paper or plastic bag for the same price. Since the recyclable bags are manufactured in the U.S., the products can be custom designed and available within five to seven business days once the order is approved.

SmartPractice Announces Expanded Line of Patient Supply Bags

SmartPractice states that paper and plastic supply bags serve as a safe and eco-friendly alternative to cloth reusable bags. Recently, studies have shown that bacteria can live on reusable bags for a longer amount of time, leading to the potential spread of viruses.

“This launch has been years in the making,” said Kristin Uhles, vice president of marketing at SmartPractice. “Our customers have asked for more flexibility in their bag material while not sacrificing their brand or budget. SmartPractice has innovated the art of communicating to patients and developing thriving health care practices, and we are proud to continue our legacy with this substantial change in how we can meet the evolving demands of the market.”

Paper and plastic coordinated designs are available in three sizes. Plastic bags include a die-cut handle on all sizes with the larger paper bags also featuring a reinforced handle for extra durability. The new products are available to order and sample packs are available upon request.

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