Ivoclar Vivadent, Patterson Dental and 3Shape Announce Partnership

Optimized solutions now in place for the U.S. launch of the PrograMill One milling system and the fabrication of IPS e.max CAD restorations
Posted: November 27, 2019
Edited by Dentaltown staff

AMHERST, N.Y.—Ivoclar Vivadent and Patterson Dental have announced the availability of the PrograMill One milling unit in the United States for chairside restorative production. Integrated with the 3Shape Trios Intraoral Scanner and Trios Design Studio, this partnership offers a seamless in-office CAD/CAM milling solution optimizing the quality, surface finish and margins of IPS e.max CAD.  

"It's our pleasure to bring the PrograMill One to market and be aligned with an innovative technology partner like 3Shape and distribution partner like Patterson Dental who is committed to service and support of digital technologies," said Don Bell, vice president marketing, digital technologies for Ivoclar Vivadent. "The clinician gains the benefits of innovative technologies, proven materials, service and simplicity all combined in one."

Dental offices looking to incorporate digital technologies with in-office production capabilities can benefit clinicians by eliminating a visit, optimizing aesthetics, fit, and function while the patient is in the office, and provide the patient with same day service. 

Intraoral scanning and fabricating technologies are growing at double digit rates as clinicians integrate technologies to better serve their patients and expand their productivity. This trend toward digital capture of information benefits clinicians by creating better treatment plans and in-office fabrication for increased efficiency and patient satisfaction.

“Patterson is pleased to have the PrograMill One milling unit from Ivoclar Vivadent join our CAD/CAM portfolio of products”, said Josh Killian, vice president of marketing for Patterson Dental. “Ivoclar Vivadent has a long history of understanding the material needs of dentists who incorporate single-visit dentistry solutions into their practice.”  

“We are excited to launch our joint Ivoclar Vivadent/3Shape chairside solution with Patterson Dental in the U.S., bringing together the PrograMill One with the 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner and Trios Design Studio software,” said Garrett Ogden, general manager, 3Shape North America. “This solution creates an outstanding workflow experience for dental practices who wish to offer same-day and next-day dentistry to their patients.“


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