The Dawson Academy Renovates its Education Center for Enhanced Learning Experience

St. Petersburg, Florida, education center revamps its design for interactive classroom and hands-on instruction
Posted: September 9, 2019
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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.—The Dawson Academy, a center for clinical mastery in dentistry, recently opened a renovated education center in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. The center provides a more collaborative and interactive educational experience for dental professionals who are learning to confidently solve complex dental problems.
The Dawson Academy’s seminars and hands-on courses are designed to provide a pathway to clinical mastery in dentistry and cover topics ranging from occlusion to digital dentistry. The expanded center has dedicated spaces for classroom learning and hands-on training, allowing dental professionals to gain a better understanding of concepts they’re learning and apply them before performing them in their practices.
“We were sure to incorporate thoughtful feedback from our students and faculty into the design,” said Joan Forrest, executive vice president of innovation and business development at The Dawson Academy. “Their insight helped us to create a space that’s equipped to teach foundations for complete dentistry and to prepare our students for the future of dentistry.”
The renovated education center provides an intimate learning environment for up to 25 students in each course, with each student receiving individualized instruction. Course materials are shown on multiple monitors including a 98-inch display, and each workstation is equipped to provide a superior light for students who are working on models. 
In addition to the classroom setting, students can practice and receive on-the-spot feedback and guidance from faculty in a new demonstration area equipped with state-of-the-art technology for exceptional student viewing of instructor demonstrations.
The Dawson Academy partnered with ARC-3 on the education center’s overall design and Park and Eleazer on the construction. The academy also worked with Dental Arts Laboratory on the hands-on spaces and purchased new dental equipment from Henry Schein.

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