Carestream Dental Announces Several New Partners for Full Guided Implant Treatment

Posted: August 13, 2019 / Source: Carestream Press Release

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ATLANTA—Carestream Dental has announced a preferred partnership with Swissmeda, maker of the Swissmeda Dental Planning System (SDPS), for 3D implant planning. With SDPS, Dentists and dental technicians can plan implant cases and obtain a customizable guide design module for advanced implant guided surgery procedures.
As a major enhancement for CS Solutions for Implants—its CAD/CAM product portfolio—Carestream Dental has introduced a data export feature that streamlines the workflow from the CS 3D Imaging software Prosthetic-Driven Implant Planning module to the SDPS in a single click. After clicking on the icon within the software, the dental professional can plan and decide on the optimal patient treatment and send the final surgical guide design to the lab or service provider for fabrication.
Swissmeda’s guide design technology provides a number of benefits for clinicians and their patients. Once the software is launched from the CS 3D Imaging software, there are minimal steps in the workflow, meaning implant planning can be completed in minutes. Clinicians also have full control over the design and can fine tune the final position of the implant. The surgical guide itself features an open skeletal design, meaning there’s better visibility during surgery. Plus, Swissmeda surgical guides offer easy cooling during drilling sequences and make it easier to raise and control the flap or take a flapless approach so the patient’s recovery time is shortened.
“Delivering a truly integrated implant solution, from initial imaging to surgical guide fabrication, is important for us as an oral health care company,” said Ed Shellard, DMD, chief dental officer, Carestream Dental. “Swissmeda has revolutionized the implant planning process in Europe and we are excited to offer this solution to doctors across the globe as our preferred partner.”
Carestream Dental is also announcing an integration with 360imaging, a provider of 3D digital implantology based in Atlanta, Georgia, offering a range of products and services to implant professionals and their patients, as well as dental laboratories. Once clinicians have finalized their implant planning within CS 3D Imaging software, they can easily transfer their planning to 360 Courier platform in a single click to order a 360ips surgical guide for any indication.
“Carestream Dental is focused on transforming dentistry, simplifying technology and changing lives and is committed to working with like-minded companies to enhance how doctors perform treatment and to improve the outcome of patient care,” Shellard said.
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