Forward Science and Hygiene Mastery Partner to Strengthen Industry Support

Posted: June 28, 2019
Edited by Dentaltown staff

HOUSTON—Forward Science, a privately held MedTech company focused on oral health care solutions for the dental industry, and Hygiene Mastery have recently partnered in efforts to provide enhanced support and education for the dental industry. 

“Anytime you have advanced technology, education is key to success,” said Forward Science co-founder and CEO Robert J. Whitman. “In efforts to increase our education for offices, we are excited to partner with the Hygiene Mastery coaches and team to add another layer of support for even more offices.”

Hygiene Mastery is a company focused on hygiene training and support by hygienists. The company has coaches throughout the United States that perform ongoing hands-on training and support for the hygiene department.

“We are excited to have partnered with Forward Science to provide the latest technology for our dental teams. We always look for advanced products and services to provide for our offices, and Forward Science has some of the best," said Shannon Richkowski, founder and director of Hygiene Mastery.

Forward Science recently hosted the Hygiene Mastery team at its world headquarters in Houston, Texas. The Forward Science team shared its story of how the company started, in addition to performing product training and providing a sneak peek of what is in the future product pipeline.

“We believe it is important to not only partner with a company because of their products, but just as significant is the belief in the company itself,” said Whitman. “Both companies share the goal of advanced healthcare through advanced technology and support for our offices.”


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