ClearCorrect Announces Exclusive Partnership with Progressive Orthodontic Seminars

Exclusive agreement marks Progressive Orthodontic Seminars’ first-ever clear aligner partnership
Posted: June 25, 2019
Edited by Dentaltown staff

ROUND ROCK, Texas—ClearCorrect has entered an exclusive agreement with Progressive Orthodontic Seminars (POS), an orthodontic continuing education program. Together, they will offer Aligner+, a comprehensive clear aligner program with a 12-day education series, mentoring and treatment planning system for general practitioners in North America.

Leveraging POS’s network of instructors, Aligner+ will teach general practitioners the fundamentals of orthodontics and clear aligner therapy and improve participants’ ability to develop ClearCorrect treatment plans for patients. Open to all experience levels, participants will have access to experienced doctors for consultations on comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning as well as ongoing support resources to ensure long-term success.

“Orthodontics is quickly becoming a field that general practitioners need to compete in to effectively grow their practices,” said Christophe Carsault, vice president of orthodontic and preventative sales at Straumann Group, a Switzerland-based global provider of tooth replacement and orthodontic solutions. “ClearCorrect’s partnership with POS will provide doctors with industry-leading knowledge and education programs that enhance their ability to treat more patients through clear aligner therapy.”

For 35 years, POS programs have provided comprehensive orthodontic training to dentists to help them successfully grow their practices, with more than 8,000 graduates in 40 locations worldwide.

“As our industry continues to evolve, it’s crucial for general practitioners to have a comprehensive understanding of orthodontics to enable them to treat or refer their patients properly,” said Miles McGann, CEO of POS. “Clear aligner therapies are an important part of that understanding, and we’re excited to partner with ClearCorrect to educate and prepare doctors to capitalize on the growth opportunities that clear aligners present.”

Upcoming classes will be hosted in Orange County, California; Silicon Valley, California; Miami; Chicago; Houston; New York; Vancouver, British Columbia; and Toronto, with the ability to expand to other North American markets.

To learn more about the Aligner+ curriculum through the McGann Postgraduate School of Dentistry as well as pricing and scheduling information, visit For more information about the Aligner+ program, visit


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