Glidewell Dental Kicks Off Leadership Program Geared Toward Women in Dentistry

Guiding Leaders begins its inaugural class with a select group of talented dentists, some of them Townies, from across the country
Posted: May 9, 2019
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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.—Glidewell Dental has officially launched Guiding Leaders, a leadership development program for women in dentistry. The company kicked off the program with a two-day training course in Irvine, California, with a group of 13 female dentists and one Fellow participating in the program’s premiere year.

“It’s extremely exciting to have this exceptional leadership program underway,” said Stephenie Goddard, executive vice president at Glidewell Dental and visionary of Guiding Leaders. “We’re honored to establish this environment for a new generation of influencers who will significantly impact our profession. There’s an incredible need for this caliber of opportunity that advances dentists to new levels of leadership.”

Goddard created the leadership program after being inspired by the current shift in dentistry where women now account for approximately 50 percent of dental school graduates. Earlier this year, a committee selected 13 female dentists through a nationwide application process to participate in the new program. 

Guiding Leaders is designed to empower practicing female clinicians to become influential voices in dentistry by providing them with elite training from top industry professionals. The 12-month program, which covers a range of topics including practice management, effective communication and principles of finance, began with a session from facilitator Jo Schaeffer-Crabb of the Arbinger Institute discussing the importance of developing an outward mindset.

“Guiding Leaders has already started as an incredible experience. Our first course not only equipped us with practical insight but also left us enthusiastic about the year ahead,” said Fellow Dr. Taylor Manalili. “We have a bright future in store for dentistry. To have a program that provides women with tools and support for professional development is remarkable.”

Chosen based on their dentistry background, career achievements and leadership potential, the following clinicians (Townies name in bold) are part of the first group of Guiding Leaders:

Dr. Susan McMahon – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Dr. Danielle Dey – Etna, Ohio
Dr. Ensy Atarod – Austin, Texas
Dr. Jill Frazier – Missoula, Montana
Dr. Joy Poskozim – Chicago, Illinois
Dr. Lan Chi Le – Dallas, Texas
Dr. Larissa Figari-Goller – Huntington, New York
Dr. Mary Shields – Louisville, Kentucky
Dr. Stacy Spizuoco – New York, New York
Dr. Nidhi Taneja – Eugene, Oregon
Dr. Sat Kartar Khalsa – Greenwood Village, Colorado
Dr. Shefali Shah – Belvidere, Illinois
Dr. Keyla Springe – Paso Robles, California

“It’s normal to see men in leadership roles, but to see a group of women unite and do the same thing is phenomenal,” said Dr. Shefali Shah, who is a partner at Chapko & Shah Modern Dentistry. Shah, along with the other dentists, each brings at least five years of clinical experience to the program. Through April of 2020, they will participate in monthly courses, while working one-on-one with an executive coach to cultivate their leadership skills.

Glidewell plans to continue Guiding Leaders next year with a new group of participants. The company looks forward to building an ongoing community of women who provide support and guidance to each other while mentoring newer professionals in coming years.


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