Oregon lawmakers allow dentists to give vaccinations

Posted: May 6, 2019 / Source: News 21

BEND,Ore. - A bill passed by the Oregon Legislature and sent to Gov. Kate Brown's desk will provide people more options for places to receive vaccinations - at their dentist's office. 


House Bill 2220 allows dentists to admininster vaccinations, including annual flu shots and the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine. 

The bill requires dentists who wish to provide vaccinations to take additional educational training courses, and they must meet current, state-mandated vaccine storage and reporting requirements.

People we talked to in Bend on Friday expressed varied opinions on whether they would like to receive their vaccinations at the dentist's office. A common response from supporters is that they are open to receiving vaccinations there, as long as the dentists are properly certified. 

Kristen Erickson, the owner of Westside Pharmacy in Bend, said she believes the bill will benefit Oregonians, and she supports anything that will give people easier access to preventing diseases.

"If that means that more preteens are getting their HPV vaccines, that would be wonderful," Erickson said, "If it just brings more awareness, so if dentists are talking about the diseases, they can help prevent and bringing more awareness to oral cancers and other cancers."

"Just knock it out while you're there," she said. "Make it easy, and if we're preventing the spread of diseases, then it's good for all of us." 

The bill passed the Oregon Senate on April 25 and now awaits Gov. Brown's signature. 



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