Dentech Announces New Document Management Solution

Posted: May 3, 2019
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FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich.—Dentech recently announced the official release of its new document management solution, DenDox. The new DenDox has been completely redesigned from its predecessor, DonDocs, on a new interface. The new solution allows dental offices the ease and convenience of going paperless with little to no training required. Paperless and patient workflow processes and procedures are now more streamlined providing critical patient information at the user's fingertips.

Some of the features users will see in the new DenDox document management are:
• Completely redesigned user-friendly interface that reduces the learning curve and minimizes risks associated with lost paper files.
• Improved automated workflows for fast electronic patient chart retrieval allowing users to spend less time on paperwork and more quality time with patients.
• Ability to directly upload files which allows clinicians to scan, name and save patient documents in 15 seconds or less.
• Drag and drop files directly into patient charts with one click.
• Enhanced dynamic search function allows clinicians to quickly find and retrieve patient records with one simple search.

“The release of our newly redesigned DenDox document management solution is representative of the future direction of dental software and technology," said Jane E. Kaminski, chief operating officer at Dentech. "Our goal with the redesign of our document management application is to help dental offices overcome barriers, such as initial financial investment, time it takes to implement paperless process and the initial learning curve that has prevented dental offices in the past from taking their practices completely digital. We developed an easy-to-use application that requires little to no training while remaining cost-effective for the end user. We are confident that users will find the new DenDox easy to implement into their standard daily practices and patient procedures and we are excited to help our customers progress with technology.”

DenDox is available completely integrated into Dentech practice management software or as a standalone option for any practice management software.

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