The Dawson Academy and Dental Revenue Sign Joint Marketing Agreement

Dental Revenue to provide added benefit to dentists trained by The Dawson Academy
Posted: April 11, 2019
Edited by Dentaltown staff

BALTIMORE—The Dawson Academy, a postgraduate dental education provider, and Dental Revenue, a dental marketing agency, have announced the signing of a joint marketing agreement starting April 2019. Dawson dentists can work with Dental Revenue to better communicate their training through their marketing materials and website with this new alliance.

“As more patients turn to the internet for information about dentistry, we are finding that a practice’s digital marketing strategy plays an important role in helping them connect with patients that value their oral health, and gives our dentists the opportunity to use their training," said Don Berbary, executive vice president of The Dawson Academy.

Over the past 10 years, Dental Revenue has helped more than 100 Dawson dentists promote the Concept of Complete Dentistry and their clinical expertise through individual relationships. Dental Revenue’s sales and client retention team has helped Dawson dentists achieve significant results through a customized program that utilizes online marketing solutions to connect new patients with these dentists.

“The Dental Revenue team is excited for the opportunity to expand our partnership with The Dawson Academy,” said Brian Burns, president of Dental Revenue. “This joint marketing agreement is a natural evolution and allows Dental Revenue to serve even more Dawson dentists throughout the country.”

The relationship between Dental Revenue and The Dawson Academy began in 2009 when Dr. Scott Finlay, The Dawson Academy’s resident expert in esthetics and the first Dawson dentist to become a client of Dental Revenue, introduced the company to The Dawson Academy philosophy and many Dawson-trained dentists.

“We are excited to offer Dental Revenue’s talented team and their performance program to our Dawson dentists. Together, we will help Dawson dentists thrive in the modern dentistry marketplace,” said Don Berbary, executive vice president of The Dawson Academy.




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